OSU Medical Center RN Residency/Internship Program

  1. Is there anyone who has gone through this program? How did you enjoy the program? Was it worth the time?

    Please feel free to PM me if you want!
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  3. by   prison_nurse
    I went through the program and it was great, but I found that hospital nursing is not for me....
  4. by   **All Heart RN**
    Could you PM me and tell me more about your experience...like were you able to get a position in the unit you requested after the internship was over; was there good communication between you and the preceptor...was the pay decent; how much were the union fees every month?...

    I'm applying for the internship in October but haven't heard much about the program. Anything you can share with me will be much appreciated : )
  5. by   prison_nurse
    Hi, I've responded my email to you, but I forget about the pay and union dues. When I was there in 2006 the pay was about $23 plus weekend and shift diff of (I think) $2.50 per hour. I worked 36 hours per week. The union dues and parking fees are a pain. I don't remember exactly how much I paid, but you can check the union fees from the ONA website. Even after paying for a parking permit, I still had to walk about 1/2 mile to the hospital after driving around and around for 10 minutes.
  6. by   blackcat1113
    I'm applying for the OSU internship program also, after moving to Ohio I realized no one wants to hire new graduates! Does anyone have any advice on how to stand out as an applicant?
    I applied to the Ohio Health critical care fellowship and have not had a call back.
    Any Advice would be really helpful
  7. by   OSUcardio
    I work at OSU Medical Center and absolutely love it! I've precepted many students and it's a great learning experience. Union dues are around 47.00 monthly. Parking is not that big of a deal and yes you do pay for it but it's a tax deduction. Shift diff is more then 2.50. Great healthcare benefits, and you can go to OSU for free!! It is a highly competitive program. Good luck.