1. Hi, I am taking my NCLEX-PN in three weeks and I am super nervous, does anyone have any tips to help prepare for the test. I have been using the Saunders book and CD but I still feel very unprepared for the test. Any help or tips would be appreciated. Thanks
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  3. by   AssociateDegree
    You'll do better posting this/searching through posts under the NCLEX thread. Go to "Students" at the top of this page and scroll down to the thread there.

    Good luck on the exam!
  4. by   smak60
    I took the nclex in 2008.

    I made the appt for the test at a time that was good for me....what I you do better in the am or I am not an early the appt was for 11:30am. So I got up about 7:30; drank my coffee, was able to eat breakfast...and I studied a little...before I had to stress morning. I left in planty of time to make my test time.....I took me about 45 mins to get there.

    Now before I went into the building...I sat in my car and told myself...that I do have other chances to take this test. I will not let it intimidate me...

    When i sat down to test...I took a deep breath...and then started...I did ONE QUESTION AT A TIME... thought it NURSE.

    Now I knew that the test could stop at 85 when it got to 83 ...I was like...ok....lets see what happens......well ... it did stop at 85...the screen went blue.....I knew that I either passed or failed really badly......WELL I PASSED !!

    I believe it makes a big difference of how you feel before you test....sure after the test do feel like you didnt pass.......its only because you question yourself about the questions you had answered.

    Like I said...make the appt for your 'BEST' time of the day.....dont make it the am so you can just get it over with.....if thats not what really is best for you....i dont like eariler 8am thats why I made it for makes a the normal sodium, potassium had questions like 'WHO' would you treat first....I had some math....some confident....and tell yourself you 'WONT' let it get to you.....WHEN YOU SIT DOWN.......THINK LIKE A NURSE....AND TAKE ONE QUESTION AT A TIME

    GOOD LUCK !!!!!