MSJ MAGELIN May 2015 cohort

  1. Is there anybody out there starting mount st Joseph's Magelin program in May 2015?? I would love to connect with a few people! I'm so eager lol
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  3. by   Mama&Nurse
    You start soon, you must be nervous and excited and everything else! I'm in the fall 2015 cohort, so just 1 semester behind you. I'm curious about how it is for you...Good Luck!
  4. by   Young Tangerine
    I got accepted into the Fall 2015 cohort. Is anybody looking for a roomate?
  5. by   Mama&Nurse
    I live on the east side so I'm just commuting. I'm sure there will be someone who is needing a roommate, though.
  6. by   Bootsteuton
    Congratulations on starting the program! I'm in the cohort ahead of you and just finishing the first semester. It's a great program!
  7. by   Mama&Nurse
    Congrats on surviving the first semester! How is it going for you? I have to admit, I'm very nervous, but I'm preparing for 4 semesters of very hard work and no free time, although I have no category for what it's actually going to be like! Any advice or input is greatly appreciated! Best of luck to you!
  8. by   Bootsteuton
    Don't be too nervous, you'll be fine! If you want it bad enough and you make studying your first priority, you'll be ok. I pretty much studied every chance I had, but was still able to squeeze in some family/fun time. I am married with two young kids so it's hard, but they understand that this is just what I have to do right now. I think having a strong support system is key to my success. I was able to balance school and family life and get really good grades, so it's definitely possible. I would recommend going into the lab and practicing your skills on your own time to get really comfortable with them. It'll make your skills testing much easier. You have to go in and practice a minimum amount of time, but I would practice more than that. I saw in your previous post that you live on the east side? So do I, I am in Anderson and the commute isn't bad at all.
  9. by   Quaysha

    I will be starting the program May 2015!! See you at orientation tomorrow
  10. by   Mama&Nurse
    Thanks for the encouragement, Bootsteuton! You've definitely eased some of my anxieties, I also have kids and my husband, and hey know it's hard now but will be a good thing in the end. I'm in Milford so I'm not too far from you, I'm glad the commute is ok, that's something I've been thinking through. Good luck to you and congrats on the good grades!
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  11. by   Mama&Nurse
    Good luck, Quaysha! I don't start until fall, so I'm just behind you. Keep us updated on how it goes!
  12. by   kiknox
    Hi-- not sure if this thread is still active... any advice, tips on the program? I was initially accepted for the 2015 cohort but deferred my acceptance/seat , so I will began in May 2018...
    Did anyone ever figure out the living situation? I am leaning more towards finding something off campus, but not sure being that I will most likely return my car since it's leased...