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Hi: I am an RN, working in the operating room. I am planning to move to Cleveland the beginning of 2008. Are the Cleveland Clinic and University Hospital the only places to work? Any advice on... Read More

  1. by   cjmjmom
    I work at for both institutions, both in the suburbs. My opinion, by far UH is much better! Much more respect for nurses among nurses and others. Also, my mom has been a patient of CC main campus and at one of their regional hospitals. THE CARE FOR THE MOST PART WAS TERRIBLE and I believe it was because of the staffing, as many of the nurses mentioned. When I complained it didn't seem to matter. Management looked at me like I was crazy, in fact one nurse manager told me "We don't have a nursing shortage here."

    The only reason I am still with the CC is I was an employee at the regional hospital long before the CC took over and I am trying to find a job that fits me better. I have yet to meet any seasoned BEDSIDE nurse who likes the CC. Have also had many conversations with CC physicians who do not like the CC but are fearful to speak up and rattle any chains.