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Just wondering if anybody has gone to Kettering College. What did you think of it? Was it a really good school. I'm hoping (fingers and toes crossed) to start there January 05, but might have to... Read More

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    Quote from jmgrn65
    I graduated in 92 and have returned for the bsn completion program and hope to graduate in apr/may. I like kettering, i feel the instructors will give you all the attention you need they want you to succeed. Yes it is expensive when compared to a community college but for a private college it is competitive. I haven't regretted going there. Most of the instructors are willing to help, but you may have to be the one to ask. Hope this helps. Julie

    Hi Julie, Thanks for the advice...
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    I finished my first year and on August 29th we start again. I think the first semester is a lot like nurse aide class. You will learn basic skills like bedmaking, baths, brushing teeth, etc... The theory class we went over the history of nursing, nurse's scope of practice and dealing with patients and their families to name a few things. You will learn how to start critical thinking, make care plans and start assessing human fuctioning patterns. The foundations just got a new instructor she came from the 2nd semester so I am not sure what she will change. They are trying to make the transition from the 1st semester to the 2nd semester smoother. Have you gotton your books yet?

    Hi, Thank you very much for the heads up... I appreciate it. No I haven't gotton my books yet. I will buy em before the end of this month. Once again, thanks.
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    I am also starting the nursing program this fall. I went to KCMA last year taking gen-ed courses. I love Kettering!!!

    I already purchased my books for Nursing 110 (1st nursing class), my stethoscope, and a planner - my bill was $490. *I only bought the required books - the optional ones weren't in yet*

    I have already started studying the first 2 chapters in medical terminolgy. Sooooo much information!!!!

    I can't wait for the semester to begin!!!

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    They will give you certain words to study for the medical terminology. It is 100 words a test with four test.

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    Quote from nurse2be06
    They will give you certain words to study for the medical terminology. It is 100 words a test with four test.

    That's all the words we'll have to know??? There are 60 words and 15 prefix & suffixs per chapter.
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    nurse2be06 -- Can you tell me what the pre-test that we have to take during orientation is like??? I've heard it's critical thinking, but what type (just medical?) and is it very hard??? :uhoh21:
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    Ok...there are some things that we like to forget... like the pre-test. LOL I am looking at my test results here... there was reading, math, science, and english. Then if I'm not mistaken you will spend the first 2 theory classes taking the critical thinking test. This test was broke down into analysis, evaluation, explanation etc... I don't think it was medical questions it was more like giving you a saying or example and asking for your interpretation.

    It wasn't to bad just time consuming.
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