Kent State University Accelerated BSN Spring 2013

  1. Hello, I applied for Kent State University's Accelerated BSN program, Spring 2013 corhort. My intentions with this post is to start a dialog with others who have also applied for the ABSN Spring 2013 cohort at KSU, if this is you I would love to hear from you.

    I also welcome any input from others who have or are currently in KSU's ABSN program.

    Thank You,
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  3. by   javaRx
    I am applying to the kent summer 2013 cohort. Two of my close friends have finished the accelerated bsn at kent and one is in the program now.

    The last time I talked to ----------, he said that the spring was a graduate school emphasis, so I chose to apply to summer instead. Have you gotten to the interview portion yet?
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  4. by   ekohr
    Happy to hear from you. No response yet, application deadline was just a few days ago. The hard part now is waiting to find out. I would love to know how many applicants there were. Sounds like you know quite a bit about the program through your associations, any insight, information, or advice that might be helpful?
  5. by   javaRx
    As far as I know, the graduate emphasis is a new thing they are trying. This would be the first semester, so during a meeting --------- said he was looking for applicants who would want to jump right into graduate study. (I'm sure you know this already.) They are still working out the program to get around the minimum two years of experience for grad school. However, this feature is limited because some areas of nursing demand experience. For example, critical care is an area that definitely needs the two years of experience.

    Preference in the spring would be given to people who already have a masters in another area, however I doubt the majority of applicants will have this. Last semester I met someone with a masters in business who applied and got in even though her pre-req grades were not the greatest. I have been looking at this program for a while, so I have had the chance to ask around and research. However, the interview is a new element in the application process. I haven't been able to talk to anyone who has sat for an interview and would love to hear what questions were asked. I know some of the previous essay questions, but I don't know how helpful that would be. I am not an expert on the application process by any means, but I have met a lot of people who have been both accepted and rejected for this program. What does your application look like if you don't mind me asking? Such as GPA, per-req grades, experience, etc.
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  6. by   ekohr
    GPA is not my strong point as my first year or two was a huge learning experience. When In high school I never had to open a book and so when I got to college I didn't know I had to study nor did I have any study skills, seems pretty dumb now. As a result GPA is now at 3.02. I had 22 credit hours since returning to college, all A's, which includes all the pre-reqs. I will also have only one blue course left to take after this semester. I have a pretty high number of credit hours at close to 180. I have teaching experience as well as emergency department volunteer experience. I also have a strong desire to continue through grad school.
  7. by   jmlowe85
    I graduated from the program last summer I can answer any questions you may have except the interview stuff since that didn't exist when I went. Send me a message and I'll respond as I get time.
  8. by   mh651807
    Hi I applied to the Spring 2013 cohort as well! I have not yet heard back. I applied to the combined accelerated program, where you can get credits towards your masters while completing your BSN. I have a Bachelor's degree in High School Science Education, and I am currently working as an STNA at a post-acute rehab center. (I became a State-Tested Nursing Assistant in July) I have a gpa of 3.55 and I have all A's and 1 B+ for the prerequisites. I only have 2 of the blue courses completed I believe because they would not accept some of my course equivalents from OhioU. I have volunteered at Children's in the past and have a lot of experience working with kids through my Bachelor's degree. Very nervous about getting in!

    Does anyone know about how many people applied for this cycle?

    -And- Has anyone heard anything back yet?
  9. by   ekohr
    jmlowe85, Thank you for your response, I appreciate it.

    mh651807, your credentials look great!
    I received an interview invitation via e-mail, about two hours after your post, after which I promptly called and scheduled it. Needless to say, I am extremely happy to be past the first hurdle of the acceptance process. However, although I am very happy about being granted an interview, I am still pretty nervous because I know the final decisions are yet to be made and it is not over yet. I just hope they like what they see during my interview and I ultimately gain acceptance.

    You may have received an e-mail by now too, good luck! Maybe, if all goes well, we will be spending 15 months together starting in January.
  10. by   mh651807
    I got an interview as well!!!!! super excited!!!!! I hope we both get in!!!
  11. by   mh651807
    I wonder how many people got interviews eek! Are you from the Kent area?
  12. by   ekohr
    I have no idea how many people applied or got interviews but love to know. I live on the west side of Stark County. Less than an hour drive to Kent.
  13. by   mh651807
    I scheduled my interview for October 5th! Are you applying to do the combined option?
  14. by   ekohr
    My interview is also on the 5th. I really don't know much about how the combined program works with the ABSN but definitely would like to earn some graduate credit.