Hondros College of Nursing - Input??????

  1. I am actively looking into Nursing Schools in the Cincinnati Area. I am starting the application process at Hondros and was wondering if anyone had any feedback about their program, good, bad or indifferent. I know its a relatively new program but they have recently receieved their final approval so Im assuming they have worked out the kinks that were reported in blogs posted early last year.

    I would appreciate any feedback you may have.

    Thank you!!
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  3. by   animal1993

    I started at Hondros (Cincinnati) on Jan. 12th, and so far I'm loving it! I think the professors are very knowledgeable. (Professor Hinn, who teaches A&P is AWESOME!!!) There have been some little things that have bothered me, as there would be at any college, but overall I'm extremely happy with my choice! Good luck! Let me know if you have any other questions! (There's also a thread in Ohio Nurses titled "New Student Here at Hondros" if you want to check it out!)
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  4. by   adie0321
    I appreciate your feedback. How hard was it to get in? I was reading a few posts earlier that were talking about the interviewing process. I started thinking more about it and found myself nervous about applying.
  5. by   animal1993
    I don't know what kind of a waiting list they may have right now, but it wasn't at all difficult for me to get in. I just followed the list of requirements that they gave me at my interview. You'll have to take the HESI entrance test, but it is seriously the easiest test you'll ever take. You can purchase a study guide through the school if you want. I got mine at Barnes and Noble. (Evolve Reach HESI test) There is only reading, math, vocabulary and grammar on it. Other than that, you just have to make sure you get all your immunizations/titers, take your CPR class and get your liability insurance. That's pretty much it. I started the process in September in order to get in for Jan., but I probably could have gotten everything done in time for Oct. if I had wanted to. Don't be nervous. It really isn't any big deal. You'll feel really overwhelmed for the first couple of weeks after you start, but you'll get into a pattern and you'll feel more comfortable. Hope that helps!
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    I took the liberty of moving this thread to the Ohio Forum since it is specific to programs in that area and you will get more responses this way.
  7. by   MzDacia
    Hello - I started January 12th at the Columbus location. So far so good. The instructors seem very knowledgeable. I am learning a lot already. I will say nursing school is NO joke! VERY challenging and time consuming. Good luck to you!
  8. by   adie0321
    Hi Animal,

    I was just reading through the New Student at Hondros thread and heard all the "horror stories" about what current students were going through. I saw your concerns posted as well. I know the other day you said you were loving the program. I was just curious if the stories about clinical sites dropping Hondros were actually still the case? It really worries me. I would hate to start the program and not be able to get into clinicals.

    Do you think I should consider looking at Good Sam and Christ??

    I appreciate your help!
  9. by   animal1993
    We haven't actually started our clinicals, yet, so I can't really answer your question at this time. However, it was mentioned on our first day that we wouldn't be working with any infants when we get into our third term. I'm really hoping that we won't have to go to daycares like some of the other posters from the other thread had to.

    I've heard that Good Sam and Christ have amazing programs. However, you'll have to be put on a waiting list, and I've heard that it takes a considerable amount of time to get in. I guess it's going to depend on which part of NS you're putting the most emphasis on. I, of course, want to have an awesome experience with clinicals, but my main objective is to get through school and be able to get my license. I think Hondros is going to meet my expectations on that level. All I can hope is that I'm not too terribly disappointed in the clinicals.
  10. by   adie0321
    That is kind of what I am thinking. I ended up calling Good Sam and there is a year waiting list. I do not want to wait that long to begin school. So like you, I think Hondros will get me where I need to be in order to get my license.

    Also, I was looking for that Study Guide for the HESI and the only one I found was for the NCLEX. I couldnt find one for the actual entrance exam. Any suggestions?

    Finally, I noticed you guys talking about lap tops. Is that a requirement at Hondros? They didnt mention that in the info session so I was curious.

    Thank you for all your help. Im really nervous about starting school, if you havent noticed!!! :wink2:
  11. by   animal1993
    I was led to believe that having a laptop was a requirement, since there was a "technology fee" which included one. (I was told I could either go ahead and purchase it as part of my tuition or get one on my own and forego the technology fee.) So, I went ahead and got one on my own, and I have to say that I could have probably saved the money. Some people bring their laptops to class with them, so they can bring the power points up on screen during lectures. I personally just print mine out ahead of time and leave my laptop at home. (One less thing to worry about leaving my possession!) It's also easier for me to take notes on the actual power point. So, you can get one if you want, but in my opinion, as long as you have your home computer, you really don't need one. As far as the study guide goes, you'll either have to call around to see who has one (I had to go to the Barnes & Noble in Dayton to get one.), or get one through the school. Also, you can do online searches for the HESI entrance test and find some free practice questions that way. Again, it's nothing to worry about. I scored in the high 90s for all 4 parts and I hadn't looked at that stuff since 1993!
  12. by   adie0321
    Well thats good news! We just bought a new computer at the house and I really didnt want to have to buy a lap top. I like the idea of printing off the powerpoint before class too! Thanks again! We will have to stay in touch. I will let you know if I get accepted!! Good Luck. I hope it keeps going well for you!
  13. by   adie0321
    Hi Animal! Hope school is going well. I just picked up the study guide yesterday and was surprised how easy the math portion was!!! Anyway, I was wondering if you took the LPN Entrance Exam or the RN Entrance Exam? If you took the LPN, was there measurements and roman numerals on the test? I was talking to a lady who was taking her test yesterday and she was studying like Militers and Roman Numerals. Just curious if you remeber if they were on the test.
  14. by   animal1993
    Yep, they were on there. I don't remember them being too difficult, but I would definitely recommend that you review the measurements and conversions. I remember the Roman Numerals being pretty basic. (I, V, X, L, etc.) I don't know if my entrance test was divided as LPN or not. When I applied, I had signed a different enrollment agreement which was a combination LPN/RN program. They had a price increase and had us all sign a new enrollment agreement at our orientation which had the programs separated with individual entrance tests.

    School is still going pretty well for me. I have midterms this week, so we'll see if I'm still saying that next week! Good luck with your entrance test! Let me know how well you did!