Home Health Care pay for RNs?

  1. Can anyone tell me about how much home healthcare agencies pay around the akron/canton area? Do you get raises in home care? About how much for a 1hr visit? How much for 8 hr shift? Thank You
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  3. by   NavyVet
    Hiya ang_rn2,

    There doesn't appear to be too many people in the northeast of ohio who post on this forum regularly. I will be moving to the Akron area to start my BSN in about 2 months and my wife will be working as an RN there. In order to get good information on the area I read a bunch of posts in various forums and found posters who live in that area and PM'ed them.

    It seems to be a nice area to live from what i've been told; I just got out of the Navy and I am looking forward to moving back to Ohio....

    Here is one of the threads I found people from the Akron area in:


  4. by   renerian
    I only know the NW and Central Ohio area. Sorry.