Here we come!! Mercy College of NW Ohio, Incoming 2010 class

  1. Hey there!!!

    I can't believe June is almost over, and before we know it August 23 will be here. Am I the only one who is extremely excited???? We all have Nursing Oreintation in August, so can we all post any thoughts, questions or concerns here...

    What program are you attending? Where are you from? Are you excited and what classes are you taking in the fall?

    I am enrolled in the ADN evening and weekend program, and I'm from Detroit Michigan. I'm overly excited to start class. I have NUR 110 Tuesday and Wednesday, with clinicals all day Saturday and Sunday... I also registered for Cultural Diversity on Monday evening.

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  3. by   tmj25
    I am OVERLY EXCITED as well! I will be starting in the BSN program this fall at Mercy College and I cannot wait. I am also from Detroit, Michigan and I will be starting in my second year of the BSN program. Tuesday mornings is my clinical for NUR 250 (Dicipline), Wednesday's are my lectures: NUR 250 lecture and NUR 270 (Health Assessment), and I am also registering for REL 101 and SOC 350. I will have a full load this fall. I just have to try to mentally prepare myself to somehow juggle all these classes.

    I rec'vd my Nursing info packet that said orientation is Aug 17th, I am from 9am to 11am. Only two months away; it's coming so fast. I'm excited but nervous at the same time. WE CAN DO IT!

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  4. by   Waitingtill2010
    Well tmh25 it looks like we are the only two who are extremely excited to start Nursing School...

    I think we are going to receive a good education from Mercy, and I betcha we will be well prepared to enter the workforce... Again, congrats and maybe we will see each other on campus...
  5. by   Waitingtill2010
    Guess I'll bump the Mercy College thread!!!