1. Hi all! I was wondering if anyone has attended this program or knows someone who has. Any feedback would be greatly appreciated!
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  3. by   lovemybabies2
    I am attending the LPN program right now and I LOVE it!!!
  4. by   FlawlessT
    Hi lovemybabies2!
    Can u elaborate on the program a lil? Are they accredited, do credits transfer, how much it cost etc...
  5. by   lovemybabies2
    They are accredited! I have called several LPN to ADN degree schools, and they all say as long as I am an LPN and have passed the NCLEX I would be eligible to apply for the program. The cost of the schooling is $17,900 and that includes EVERYTHING!
    I am so pleased with the school so far, I have been there 4 1/2 weeks and no problems yet. ---- teaches the evening classes and is WONDERFUL!!! She is the best teached I have ever met!!! You can go up there for a tour at pretty much anytime.... do it, I think you will be pleased!
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  6. by   FooFooBear
    I am currently attending Northcoast Medical in Kent, Ohio. I do like my instructor, but I do not feel I am getting a quality education. The school is very disorganized, the program is only in it's third year and they are still trying to get a feel for things. There is almost no technology, and our clinical sites are poor, we do not get much experience that I feel would be helpful as a nurse. For OB, our clinical consists of going to a Dr's. office for ONE day! We have NO clinicals in a hospital, all are in LTC and a Dr's office.
    Our instructor is very sweet, perhaps too sweet. She doesn't want anyone to fail, so she gives us the answers to every quiz before the quiz and if anyone gets an answer wrong, she gives hints to help them chose the correct answer, if that fails she often flat out tells us the answer and gives full credit. This is nice while you are in school, but the program costs $18,000 and if we aren't competent to pass the NCLEX than it was all a waste because graduating nursing school does NOT make you a nurse, you must past the state tests to become LICENCED. There are about 7 students I have spoken to in my class who are considering complaining. I want to know that when I graduate, I will be ready to become a nurse. I would NOT recommend this school to anyone!
  7. by   just the truth
    Foofoobear after reading ur comments I too wanted to go to a school with a good LPN classes. Still thinking of it really wnat to learn the material so if i go to northcoast I want to go nights or days no avoid this teacher of yours no names just initials so i know to avoid if i go. I also looked at fortis but so much more money for same program. Also how is the classroom environment are fellow students friendly? What part of school are u in and is it hard ty.
  8. by   Littlebee2002
  9. by   lovemybabies2
    Stark State has a program and so does NIT/ Fortis in Cuyahoga Falls. Check them both out....
  10. by   allyjane1003
    I am thinking about going here as well and then going back to school for an RN. Do you still like the school? The only thing I am worried about is the accreditation. Every school says theyre accredited and then people have problems getting jobs afterwards. I emailed a college and asked about it but haven't heard back yet. Any info would help. I appreciate it. Thanks.
  11. by   FlawlessT
    I was wondering if anyone could provide updated info on the school? I was unable to start this yr, but am looking into starting Feb 2012. Any thoughts, comments would be greatly appreciated!!
  12. by   rgsot
    I was in the vary first LPN class to go through. It was a mess. I did not get the education I paid for and had to educate myself for the NCLEX. Half the class failed it. I passed and was able to transfer my license to other states. I am sure it's gotten better since then. Good luck.