Got into Ashland University in Ohio any thoughts?

  1. Got into the program Ashland University. This is probably my top choice school at the moment. Anyone has any thoughts on the program? What are your opinions etc.. Is it a good program?
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  3. by   Happysnbsn
    Hello nurse2bnoob101,
    I go to Ashland University and it is a great school. I personally take pride in going there. The professors are caring and helpful and truly want you to succeed. When do you start?
  4. by   nurse2bnoob101
    What was total cost of the program plus room and board? It says 38k but wondering how accurate that is. I am. Doing summer cohort
  5. by   Happysnbsn
    Congratulations! :-)
    That cost is correct. You can get cheaper books but it won't change the price much. Because your starting in the summer your tuition has an extra semester of credits. Without a Summer semester it's $29,000 and that's with room and board.
  6. by   Natou11
    Hi I'm starting fall 2018

    29,000 just tuition or tuition and room ???

    Thank you
  7. by   Happysnbsn
    yes the $29,000 is for the Tuition + room and board
    Tuition alone is roughly $21,000-$22,000 without room + board
  8. by   Natou11
    Thank you

    I just check the wedsite, I think the tuition has increase because it says tuition only is 34,728 for the whole program

    Btw is there any breaks in the15months term if I start fall 2018
  9. by   amimu
    @Happysnbsn Are you talking about the traditional nursing program or accelerated?