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  1. Who else is going to be at orientation on Friday? Looking for future classmates!! I'm hoping the option to swich from traditional to online after first quarter is still available; they have already gotten rid of the part-time option which I was looking into (no way to work less than 40 hours/week).

    Also, has anyone else had issues with the background check? I went in the evening and met with different officers to get finger printed and none of them could get any good prints on me. I then met with Frank, the guy in the charge, who had no luck either. We tried tons of different lotions (including Corn Huskers), we tried making my fingers warmer, we tried wet, we tried dry, we tried cleaning my hands.... no luck with either scanner. We then did the manual prints on ink and mailed them to the BCI office but they rejected those too saying they weren't good enough. I just had it done for a second time and the BCI office is saying 1-2 months to get those back. If that isn't good still, they will let CSCC run it with just my name and SSN. I'm worried it won't all be said and done by the time clinicals start and CSCC said I can't start clinicals without it being completed. Would hate to lose out on nursing school over something I had no control over!

    That aside, I'm super excited. My record is complete minus the background check. Anyone notice there is one clinical with 8 seats available on Monday evenings (3p-7p) first quarter? I'm thrilled - that will mean I won't have to be at work til midnight every week!!
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  3. by   shortnorthstudent
    Congrats. It was so exciting to get to the orientation day. I didn't have any trouble with the fingerprinting and didn't hear of anyone in my class having troubles. That must be incredibly frustrating. I seem to recall that perhaps you had some concerns that they would get your status cleared up in time. I'd be stressed if I couldn't get it handled properly.

    I think there is only 1 evening clinical 1st Q. I would definitely be ready to register at midnight to make sure you get the schedule that works best for you. Check your degree audit and once you're cleared to register, it will have changed your major to nursing.
  4. by   foreverLaur
    Everything on my background check did get cleared up. I went downtown and paid the fee to get a background check run on myself and it has nothing on it. So now I just hope and pray the BCI office gets my manual prints back in time!!

    I will definitely be prepared at midnight. Last quarter I couldn't even get the site to load to register until 4am so I certainly hope this isn't the case! I can imagine that evening clinical is a popular one.

    I have checked my Degree Audit and I still say PRE-NURS.AAS so I haven't been cleared yet. I have checked with the nursing department and I have been complete for two weeks now so it should be updated any time.
  5. by   Bambina Gina
    I was at orientation on Friday. I'm beginning the hybrid program in Spring. I'm so excited to get started! Glad to hear that everything worked out with your background check. Good luck!
  6. by   shortnorthstudent
    Glad to hear that you got everything straightened out.

    Make sure that you stay on top of your degree audit status. You will be unable to register for classes until that shows that you are nursing major. Be sure to be kind to the office staff, but keep on top of it since you want a specific clinical time.
  7. by   foreverLaur
    I just checked - still PRE.NURS.AAS. I called on Monday and Kathy said she had just forgotten to update me. I called again yesterday morning to both Kathy and Angie and I haven't gotten a call back and my status still hasn't been updated. Unfortunately I have a very busy week at work so I won't have time to stop by the nursing department so I hope they call me back soon.

    Does anyone have any more details about switching to hybrid? I definitely want to do it for second quarter, but have never known the exact process and how likely they are to let you make your one-time switch?
  8. by   shortnorthstudent
    I just saw this. Hope you got it straightened out in time to register for your preferred sections.

    Registration this quarter was outrageous. The school's system just cannot keep up with the number of people registering. I think they should set a totally separate day for the nursing student registration. A significant number of nursing students have Monday morning clinicals and staying up into the wee hours of the night to register is not fun - especially when it takes hours and the system gets so messed up.
  9. by   foreverLaur
    I did finally get registered. I was up until 3am trying to register and had no luck. I'm not sure what I am doing wrong because I know of several people on WiFi who were registered by 1230am. I have Road Runner Turbo and a desktop and had no luck! I ended up registering on Monday morning and still got in to the Monday evening clinical. In Cougar Web it said 0/8 seats available but everywhere else said 3 seats available and it let me register. WHEW

    Now I just hope my finger prints come back long before clinical starts...

    I agree something needs to be done. It is an awful system. They need to have registration open at like 8pm or something and Gen Ed classes should be open all the time but any major specific classes that require an application and special admission (nursing, respiratory therapy, surgical tech, etc) should have their own times for just their major so this issues don't happen.
  10. by   acash
    I just applied to CSCCs nursing program and I was wondering if anyone could tell me how long it typically takes before you get your acceptance letter. Thanks
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  11. by   foreverLaur
    It took about 3 months to hear back. I applied July 1 and heard back at the very end of September.
  12. by   foreverLaur
    Just an update... my manual fingerprints I mailed off came back from the BCI yesterday unreadable. I went and did them again on the glass with Cornhuskers lotion and still had no succcess. We mailed off another set, but the BCI office said it will take 6 weeks again. I spoke with the nursing department as I'm rather upset since I started this process in early December when we first got the info. It isn't my fault the glass can't read my fingerprints and my manual ones cant' be read either. I did everything I was supposed to. Why doesn't the nursing dept let us start this process in October when we get our acceptance letters?!

    It looks like I am going to have to withdraw and petition to start the program in September on a space available basis
  13. by   shortnorthstudent
    Oh no. Can you go and talk to security and see if perhaps they have other ideas on ways to get the glass to take your prints? There's gotta be someone there who is best at getting people positioned and such to get them readable. Maybe there's a way to put a rush on the prints from BCI?
  14. by   shortnorthstudent
    Congrats ForeverLaur. I was reading the OSU thread and saw that you must have worked everything out with your background check. I bet that's a big relief. Did I see there that you were able to switch to the online program also? That's great.