COTC Nursing Program Questiosn

  1. I am unable to find anywhere on their website if you can take classes in the evenings/weekends? I am currently going to CSCC however I only have two more pre-requisites and then theoretically I could start. I know it would be at least Aug 2011 before I could start at CSCC and it seems I could start much sooner at COTC.

    Anyone a current student/graduate?

    What are you thoughts about the program and how flexiable is it?

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  3. by   tabchloe
    There is a little flexibility in clinicals but nursing classes are day only, and with labs generally all day. I have not heard of an evening option but they do enroll students all 4 quarters so the wait is not there like CSCC. Hope this helps!
  4. by   slmmarsh
    Thank you for the info! Its really too bad they don't offer anything in the evenings! They would get so much business and funding if they offered that so that people that needed the flexibility of a CC and low price of a public school would have another option than CSCC.

    The only way that would work for me is if i quit my current job, took a 50% paycut and worked nights! I wouldnt mind working nights, but at the same time, I CANNOT afford a 50% paycut.

    Are you currently a student there? What is your opinion on the program?
  5. by   rainstorm83
    The program at COTC is really great. It's really fast but students work together and the school has a lot of resources to help you.

    Actually a lot of students do work. They offer a lot of classes on nights and weekends. Nursing classes are usually in the day though, especially the clinicals. Still many health care jobs need people for all shifts so you could probably find something. Recently they had surveys about class times for the purpose of determining whether to offer more class times so who knows...