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  1. Hello everyone!

    I have been attending Columbus State for a year and a half working on all of my non-nursing curriculum. This past January I applied for the RN program. I was very nervous that I would not submit my application quick enough because it is more or less based on first come first serve. So at 9:00 am I got through to the website, tried to submit my application, and then I experienced some problems. Needless to say, the computer system was screwed up and did not accurately sort through my previous class requirement information.
    Awhile back when I had tested for math, I was placed into the Math-107 (condensed algebra 1- 102 & 103 combined) class and eventually went on to Math-110 (condensed algebra 2- 103 & 104 combined) and completed each. Well Math-107 and 110 was not even listed as a requirement on the website, instead it was Math-101 through 104. I could not believe it, so I refreshed the page, went back to the home page, and signed on again hoping that it was just an error. When I realized it was not, I clicked on a button that brought me to a page that said I could contest it. At this time my friend had already texted me asking what number I had gotten and letting me know hers was 96. I was so angry! By the time I actually submitted the form, I believe it was either 9:03 am or 9:04 am, plus I did not even receive a confirmation number. After this, I grabbed my stuff and sprinted up into the nursing department looking for some answers.
    The lady said that I would be receiving a call from Kathy Eichenberger within the next week. I checked my email at almost 3:00 pm that day and Kathy had sent me a message that said,
    "The Nursing Department has reviewed the information on your dispute form. We have found the appropriate documentation. You will be added to the applicant pool with your original time stamp."
    I emailed her back asking for a confirmation number and she sent back,
    "I do not believe you will receive a number at this point. It is only confirming that you submitted an application and we know that you did."
    After receiving this, I felt very unsure about what was going to happen. I am still very nervous and I believe that I will not make it in, just because of a computer glitch. Not Fair!
    I am writing on this website in hopes that maybe one of you have gone through an experience like this, or can tell me what I can do. I feel that if I do not get accepted, then I am going to make a complaint to the Columbus State dean and/or possibly seek legal action. I do not believe I received a fair chance like everyone else who applied.

    I also was wondering if anyone knew the date that they received their acceptance letters in the mail? I know that it is in May.

    Thank you in advance! :spin:
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  3. by   JaqRN
    I realize that your post is alittle old, you probably have an answer by now, but I just wanted to share with you that the entire nursing program there is the same way. They dont play fair, dont play by the rules, and I DID have to take legal action against the program at one point. Good Luck!
  4. by   aek22
    I completely know where both of you are coming from. I am considering taking legal action against the CSU nursing program because of the many inconsistencies about the Hesi exam, tuition, and just plain old lack of organization. A fellow classmate of mine is also considering legal action for other reasons. Honestly, the majority of the faculty do not care to see you do well. I would not recommend this program to anyone. I say the same good luck and please review your other options for nursing schools.
  5. by   msteeleart
    I can totally relate to your frustration with Columbus State. I have recently returned to complete my pre-reqs to apply to the nursing program. Well, I applied for financial aid to get some help paying the tuition for now. They awarded me a subsidized loan so I was relieved to get some help. On the day that you are supposed to have your fees paid I noticed that they removed my financial aid and I was left a $1102 balance I had to pay. If I wouldn't have checked then I would have been bumped from the classes. They did not even notify me of this except for a standard email on the day fees were due telling me that I was on the 150% restriction list and no longer could receive aid. The reason I was on the restiction list was because they did not have it documented on my transcript that I had graduated from interactive multimedia in 2004. So I called financial aid and they told me that I had to appeal and prove to them that I graduated. Even if the appeal goes through I will only be able to receive financial aid for 50 more credit hours which will not let me complete the nursing degree so I will have to find another way to pay for the rest of my classes.

    I don't know what they expect, I graduated in 2004 and I was pregnant at the time so I did not look for employment. I decided to stay home with my child for 5 years until he was ready for school and now I am ready to pursue a career in nursing. I think it is kind of rude that even though I completely paid out of pocket for my multimedia degree, they will only allow me 50 more hours of financial aid. I have no outstanding loans and have good credit, I don't see the problem. I used to like Columbus State but I am seriously starting to think they are disorganized and unfair. Maybe the problem is on the federal level but I find it completely annoying that they make it so hard in this country for someone to better themselves. If you don't have a job(they are hard to come by nowadays even with a degree) and you can't get financial aid, how are you supposed to get a degree in a career in something you would like to do?