CNA training in Cincinnati??

  1. Can everyone list the programs that they know about? I know of one program at Cincinnati State, but I've heard of many places that will pay for you and also hire you after classes. I was hoping to find one of those places. I'd like to have options. Let me know everyone. Thanks!!!

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  3. by   vegnurse21
    Okay, don't quote me on this because I don't know how sure I am but this is how I think the Health Alliance does it...

    You can go to any hospital in the Health Alliance and they will train you to become a PCA (which I'm almost positive is the same thing as a CNA I don't know the difference) and you don't have to pay. I always hear about people paying to become CNA's and I wonder why the heck they do that because people get trained by our hospitals all the time! Maybe it's just in the Cincinnati area that they do that, I dunno. The only thing is that the classes are done on a schedule and I'm not sure when that is. I know one starts like June-ish. You'd have to call The Alliance Business Center and they'd be able to tell you or at least direct you to a place that would know.

    Within the Health Alliance you'd be able to work at: Christ, University, Jewish, St. Luke East/West, Fort Hamilton...I think that's all of them. So that's a lot of different hospitals to choose from. Then once you get your training done you are already certified as a PCA and you'd be able to work anywhere you want to, not just within the Alliance.

    If you are already in school though and have at least one clinical rotation done, you don't need to take any training classes. You are pretty much already certified...I didn't even need to take a test.

    If you call the ABC, let me know what they say...cuz I've been wondering how that works.
  4. by   Rockstar
    thanks. i was about to give up on the Health Alliance!!! My dad works at University hospital so I'll ask him if he knows anything about it. I don't mind paying for classes. I think they are $400, but I'd love if they were free! I want a job with the Health Alliance too so I hope that will help. Thanks.
  5. by   Rockstar
    I called this registration place in Columbus and they were supposed to send me a list of all the places that give training in the area. I called Friday and it's Monday. They said they sent it out friday. Dah well... I'll wait a few more days for it.
  6. by   vegnurse21
    Yeah it's just a pain to have to go to Cincinnati State everyday for a stupid CNA course! I dunno, I think it's just a little silly but that's just me. Ask your dad if he can stop by Human Resources one day at UC just to ask real breifly. They should definitely know the schedule of classes and least the HR at St. Luke West did. So I would think UC's would be even more up to date lol.

    Good luck hun, you better keep me updated. :P
  7. by   Rockstar
    The place in Columbus sent me a list. There are a lot of places that offer classes. They all are a little bootleg though. There is a place called Tri-state Nurse Aid training that is right up the street from my house. It's 430 bucks. I can live with that!