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I've posted a thread on chamberlain before, but got no response:crying2:. Im thinking about their online ADN program (or the BSN depending on how many of my classes transfer) and was just wondering... Read More

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    It sounds like you had a really bad experience applying to Chamberlain. I am sorry to hear that and sorry you had to experience that. I would be annoyed to had I gone through that much trouble trying to apply. Luckily my application process went really well. Rachel was my admission's counselor and she was awesome. She personally called me to congratulate me on being accepted! She is a real sweetheart.

    I am amazed to hear CSCC doesn't have a waiting list. I have two friends trying to apply, they both finished pre-reqs over a year ago and one has been on the waiting list since June of 2008 and the other longer. Can you tell me what program specifically doesn't have a waiting list or who to call so I can tell them? Does this program require you to have a bachelors degree? Is it an online only program? I know some hospitals won't hire if you do a strictly online program. If you don't mind I would love the details so I can share them with my friends. They will be very excited. Both are at the ends of their ropes.

    So are you in nursing school now? If so where did you end up?


    The online program at CSCC is identical to the traditional program with the exception that the online program waives all general education (whether or not you have credit for them) and requires a bachelors degree. You can either apply directly (competitive admission, no waitlist) or do the traditional program and transfer in after your first quarter. You still have to attend campus for lab courses and you do clinicals just like the traditional students. You just don't have to attend any lectures.

    After talking to some new students and speaking directly to the nursing program, I've finally figured out how admissions work there for the traditional program. You get in first come/first serve based on the time stamp when you apply. So when the window opens at 9am, you have to get in ASAP and apply!! They accept a boatload of people so most everyone gets in. If you aren't one of the first 150 (random #), then you don't get in, but you are given priority for the next application window. I was told by two separate sources that when the website lists application dates and states that the next window is "July 1-9, 2010 for the Spring 2011 class" that the vast majority of students who apply from July 1-9 will get in for Spring 2011. If not, you will reapply and get priority for August 2011.

    There definitely used to be a wait list and I'm under the impression they have changed the process. A friend of mine applied in January 2008 and was put on a wait list to start March 2010. That is no longer the way it works from what I've heard from multiple sources (both staff in the nursing department and students who have recently been accepted).

    I was accepted to Tri-C but decided not to attend because I got a great full-time job with great benefits (including tuition reimbursement) that I can't give up, so I'm going to be applying to CSCC in July for March 2011. I am taking NURC 102 this upcoming spring quarter, which I'm not worried about because all the skills you learn I did a lot in my old job. My GPA is good, I have everything but nursing coursework done, and when I took the Hesi A2 for Tri-C I got a 97% so I'm not worried about passing that either. Hopefully all goes according to plan