Blood draws for LPN?

  1. i now have an lpn license in ohio. i was looking into a position at a physicians office. the position requires doing blood draws for labs. is this in the scope of practice for an lpn with training and physicians orders? if not, what would be required to do this? thank you for your help.

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  3. by   Lorie P.
    Go to the state board of nursing for Oh and they will have the information for you.
    I know here in Ga, LPN's do draw blood both peripherial and Line draws. It also depends on the facility you work at.
  4. by   LynninOhio
    I did check the state board of nursing but it only mentions IV training but nothing concerning blood draws that I could find.

  5. by   karmil
    I am an MO LPN and do blood draws all the time as a Home Health Nurse. No big deal here.
  6. by   LolaSPN
    It is within our scope of practice in OHIO
  7. by   showtime1970
    LPN's can draw peripherally in Ohio. No draws from picc-lines, central lines etc. Hope this helps.