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I am an LPN and looking for an lpn to RN program and ran across ATS and their 11 month program. Anyone go for that program?? Regrets, tips and advice please! :banghead: :no: :D... Read More

  1. by   octavia06
    Im currently a student at ATS and I love the education im recieving my teachers are really influencing me to pick up my books I have no choice but to learn They have given me all the tools I need to succeed abd be successful
  2. by   octavia06
    Hi this is Angel not Octavia and ATS honestly has come along way since I first started last Jan. and I'm in my 4th semester now and I truly believe that the program and teachers have supplied me with the information and tools needed to be a successful Registered Nurse. Thank You!
  3. by   dsalgado
    I am an older student reiventing myself at ATS. I think ATS is getting a bad rap as a easy school but let me tell you its not a free ride. I started ATS in Aug 2010, and let me tell you there has been so many changes to improve the school. All of the changes have been positive, and will help for a smooth transition in the work place
  4. by   mrsdec
    The new director of ATS has been making positive improvements to the program>>>>
  5. by   mispal
    a t s is really doing good and changing. there is alot of dicipline going on there now.