Athena or Hondros

  1. Has anyone attended or attending either of these schools for the LPN-RN Program?
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  3. by   HDHRN
    Go to Hondros. I graduated from there in 2015 and passed my boards last year. I graduated right before they changed the classes so I don't know how that is. But I am happy with my education and yes I have a lot of debt, but I am paying it down well. My employer waited for me to become an RN and held a spot for me. Now I am thinking of picking up something PRN and they have a whole a sleu of things for me. Long term care, hospital, acute rehab, homecare. I am excited. Good luck!
  4. by   Sirena922
    Congratulations! Are you employed in a hospital?
  5. by   HDHRN
    Thank you! No I work home health. I have a special needs child and I like the flexibility. I make my own hours and days and it really is nice. Maybe in a hospital someday, but I make a decent living now.
  6. by   ShyGirlShai
    Have you made a decision in which school you're going to attend? Are you looking to go days or nights? Do you have to work?

    I'm looking into Hondros myself. I attended Athena, and it did have some good points, but I'm in the process of exiting the school. You can pm if you'd like.
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  7. by   Sirena922
    Hondros in Toledo is filled until January 2018. I'm in the process of sending documents to Athena now.
  8. by   ShyGirlShai
    Yes, they did say that.

    I misread your post saying LPN-RN, I thought you said LPN. I was going to advise against Athena for that because that's what I am still enrolled in and it has not been the best experience. I will say the RNs, though they are a small first group in the new program, do not look miserable/drained like some of the PN cohorts and they have a good instructor and a different Program Director than the PN. He tutored us PNs first. He's a smart guy. They are making an extra room for the RNs also.

    Ask many questions, if you see the "gray scrubs" talk to them if you can. Be informed before enrolling, as I am sure you will. You've made it through nursing school once so you should be okay going for your RN there. I wish you the best of luck in your pursuits.
  9. by   nursekanishy
    Have you started Athena? I'm a lpn from Cleveland Ohio and I'm so interested in there next class
  10. by   Sirena922
    I'm preparing for January so I have a financial aid appt in April. My coworker is starting April 11 and the next class after that is July and October. You have to attend a information session to find out all the details. Its only 1 year.
  11. by   Larryt12
    I would not go to athena if I were you. They don't have the correct accreditation for nursing. If you ever wanted to get your BSN your school need to be accredited by ACEN or CCNE