Anyone know if Univ Hosp has the same Physical Assessment as CCF?

  1. I did not make the physical assessment test. I thought I was doing it just like the video. Guess not! I was wondering what University requires?
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  3. by   RN1263
    Video? .....What???
  4. by   fostercatmom
    They (CCF)show you a 30 sec video of what the physical assessment (after you pass the knowledge, the psych, the pee and the blood test) is like- basically you are strapped in a chair and have to push pull each of your limbs as hard and fast as you can, the message at the end of video is and I quote "Your goal is to destroy this machine!" I showed it to friend of mine at CCF who is a PT and he watched, laughed and said if all the nurses had to do that , there would not be any nurses left. I'm 47, everyone I know that "flunked" was older, the younger ones tend to pass. But hmmm, I still kick their butts on the floor
  5. by   RN1263
    OMG....I'm in shock! What the HELL... That is ridiculous and I'm outraged they can do that....period! What did they tell you? that you didn't try to throw out your neck or back enough? Geessss
  6. by   fostercatmom
    The fun of it is the harder and faster you go, the harder it gets, the things you pull are kind of like pistons. What kills me the most is all the other testing you go through first before you get to that part. I'm sure its some sort legal reason why they can't do that first, sure was a waste of my time. Each limb goes one at a time so I guess you can't get hurt and you are strapped in.
  7. by   RN1263
    So sorry you went through all that for nothing.... What test did they have for knowledge and psych? ...just curious?