Anyone go to Community Hospital Nursing School in Springfield?

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    I was just wondering if anyone here, or if anyone knows someone who graduated from Community Hospital School of Nursing in Springfield? I have been attending there for a year, and hopefully am starting my clinicals this fall. I have heard about credits not transferring to other schools when going back for BSN. I was wondering if anyone has had a personal experience with this. Also, if they went to CHSN, how did they like it once they got into the clinicals. If anyone has any comments about CHSN, please let me know!!!!

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    Just graduated and a great school. Teachers and program were kind of like a bootcamp. Everything had to be perfect, but I still made it. I also graduated from OSU, so I know about the transfer problem. This is how I rolled with the transfer problem: I PETITIONED MY BUTT OFF to URBANA UNIVERSITY, petitioned until I turned blue and white. I petitioned to Dr Frazee who teaches anat/phys, and other science classes. I would not let them turn me down and I won. I only had nursing and clinical classes. I also didn't like school, because I WORKED FULL TIME. I WAS ALWAYS LATE, AND ALWAYS LOOPEY FROM WORKING FULL TIME. PLEASE DO NOT WORK FULL TIME THROUGHOUT SCHOOL YOU WILL PAY FOR IT LATER WITH YOUR HEALTH AND NERVES, ALSO YOU WILL SEE FINANCIALLY YOU WILL PAY FOR IT AFTER YOU GRADUATE. Overall, the school was cool, kids were cool, sort of competitve unlike the kids at OSU. Teachers were pretty strict, and expected a lot of prep. However, you know my preceptors could not believe my intuition with the pt, sharpness, my nursing plans, my nursing care...and I thought that I was the "moron" in the class. I didn't like tuition, but I received scholarships for some reason.
    I felt like I was going to be weeded out of the program throughout the entire stay! I cried a whole lot! I laughed a whole lot too! The test questions were TRICKY... so study a lot and THINK more than you study.


    and kisses

    go there because its easy to get in.
    and write if you have questions
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    I am currently a first year nursing student at CHSN...I did all my pre reqs there right out of high school and I just finished my first semester of nursing. It's a challenge, but overall the professors are great and the education is very preparing. I have worked with nurses that graduated from CHSN and they all seem so much more prepared and well rounded than other nurses. So good luck to you!