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Any Ohio IP nurses out there? Just wondering what your thoughts are about our wages being cut by 20%. For homecare agencies their 1st hour is only being cut by 5%, while our 1st hour is being cut by... Read More

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    Have been watching this post for awhile and *****. Not one of you belongs to or supports a professional organization, yet you ***** when there is nobidy to help you . You all deserve what you get from the free site that has nobody who has a clue about your situation. Can't wat to hear you tell me why I'm the idiot. Free is worth everything you pay, and advocates cost money. If you decided to be union, what you are paying a good buck for is worth even less that free advice. God bless you all.

    LOL How do you know none of us belong to or support any professional organizations?? I happen too...may not be the ones you want me to support, but really is it any of your business? Just because myself and others won't support the organizations who wanted our money, but would not give us a voice, does not mean we do not belong to any nursing organizations.
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    We Need TO Let Everyone know that there is going to be a hearing on this on AUGUST 15th More info to follow. I bet many do not even know that the cuts are going to happen in October 2011

    So, what happened at the hearing? You never followed up with "more info to follow." You seemed to be the only IP in Ohio that knew about this hearing.
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    Quote from katnursey
    Any Ohio IP nurses out there? Just wondering what your thoughts are about our wages being cut by 20%. For homecare agencies their 1st hour is only being cut by 5%, while our 1st hour is being cut by 20% for doing the same work. Then for every hour after the 1st hour, agency will keep their full pay rate. Every hour after the 1st hour for independent providers will be cut by 20%, so agencies can continue to receive their full rate!

    Anyone else feel the state is trying to get rid of us? 20%.....hmmn!

    For Agency: (1) Effective October 1, 2011, reduce the medicaid program's first-hour-unit price for aide services to ninety-seven per cent of the price paid on June 30, 2011, and for nursing services to ninety-five percent of the price paid on June 30, 2011;

    For Independent Providers: (2) Effective October 1, 2011, pay for a service that is an aide service or a nursing service provided by an independent provider eighty percent of the price it pays for the same service provided by a provider that is not an independent provider.

    Oh, this was called "Victory for Home Care"

    "The administration was able to reduce the cuts for agencies by reducing the rates paid to independent providers. Aside from receiving the 5% and 3% cuts on first hours for nurses and aides respectively, all Independent Providers will receive 20% less than the price paid to home care agencies, on the first hour and subsequent unit rates. The funds saved by this reduction will be used by the state to offset the cuts that were proposed for the first hour rates."

    As independent provider nurses we do the same work, but yet we will no longer be receiving the same pay as agency. Anyone else out there think something is going on?
    Just became I.P. and this was the first issue that came up. I have read all the articles and, no, there is not much of an explanation. Sorry.

    Can anyone tell me if there is an association of IPs for getting group insurance, advaocacy, etc.?
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    This is amazing! I am independent but still working for an agency...right now. I'm reluctant to leave the agency because if my client goes to a hospital then they will lose services as only an AGENCY can reopen the case again!!! SOME nurses know agencies they can join up with to reopen the case TEMPORARILY then resume independent status with the client/patient again. Anyone have any comments about this please? And who is NOT PAYING should a comment card not be filled out? Medicaid? carestar? thanks. just trying to learn before I jump...
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    Have you independent heard the latest , some of my independent friends and myself have not been paid in weeks and so far not an answer insight!!!! , but the agencies are getting their money hmmmm???
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    Hi! I am looking to getting started as a independent provider. I filled out an application and turned in all my materials but they told me I have to find my first client on my own. How do you manage to do that?