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i received a disturbing phone call today from my school's financial aid office. the state of ohio is taking away the ohio instructional grant that paid a significant portion of my senior year. this is after i graduated and got my license. i now have to take out additional loans to cover the $. what is even more aggravating is i was a recipient of the nsp scholarship from hrsa and the funds would have been paid by them if the ohio grant had not been there. now it's too late to get the money from hrsa. i'm just sick to my stomach and need to vent!! has this happened to any other new graduates this year? i'm just so disgusted!:angryfire:angryfire:angryfire


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I find that to be completely wrong. They awarded that money to you and they shouldn't be allowed to take it away. I can sort of relate. I wasn't able to get grants because I already have a degree but they awarded me a subsidized stafford loan. I was relieved and then the day the fees were due they took it away from me and I had to put my tuition on a credit card unfortunately. I guess the governor decided to cut pell grants when he balanced his stupid budget. I just don't understand how he can cut past pell grants. If I were you I would write someone a letter, maybe Strickland and tell them about the pell grant and the scholarship you got denied because of the pell grant. Some of that stimulus money should have went to education since he is all about education. I'm sorry this happened to you. I'm also curious if this happened to other people.


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I sent emails to my state representative and state senator; I'm still working on the one to Gov. Strickland. I just never imagined them taking the funds away after the year was over. I asked the financial aid officer if they could do this after the year was over and appearantly they can. She also said that there were five other students this happened to and that she hated making the phone calls. Thanks for the reply.

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