Oh god my BACK!!!!

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Ok, it finally happened. I moved a patient and TWING! felt my back do something bad. I'm in so much pain. Employee health gave me some muscle relaxants and put me on light duty but how on earth do I prevent this in the future? I do use proper body mechanics (I work on rehab so I learn from the PT's) but this just happened even though I was doing everything right.

Does anyone wear a brace during work? Any other suggestions??

Thank you!!

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Some things i really believe are just going to happen. I had the same thing. i was put in a situation where the pt grabbed me from behind while i turned to get help and hurt my back bad, i wasnt prepared by any means. we can try our hardest to be in our best shape, use our best body mechanics, but sometimes, i really believe- its bound to happen.

but that doesnt mean you cant keep trying to do your best. now i know thats not the anwser you wanted to hear, but its the best i can do. they did get me a brace, but its SOOOO much more of a pain in the hinder and and hinderance than anything, there is no WAY that i can get thru my day with it. but thats my personal experience.

good luck on getting back soon! i had an NP that didnt know what she was doing and i ended up being off of work for MUCH longer than i ever wanted to be! boy was i mad!

GL! I SO feel your pain!!


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