Offered position in Home Health. Confused about pay?

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Hey friends,

I was offered a position in home health (first HH job) and I was told during the interview that I have the option of pay per visit (I will list the rates below) or salary.

They require 1 week on-call and currently it is hitting about every 5 or 6 weeks but as they hire it will get closer to every 9 or 10 weeks (they say).

The rates I was offered for pay per visit were:

Routine visit-$65 

Routine visit-$70

And the company pays overtime if you go into it while on call.

Are these good rates? I have no idea how to average out these to get some sort of hourly estimate?

They did not tell me what the salary offer would be but I am going to inquire about it Monday.

What is the better idea for home health between pay per visit or salary? 

If pay per visit are those rates decent?

I am in the greater Seattle area just FYI.


She explained it as salary being good for those that just want to work a regular shift and "take it easier" and PPV being good if you want to take on extra visits and make more money.

Thank you for any explanation!

Also, there's a very good hiring bonus ($15k) which I was surprised by, but won't take if there is a contract involved (I don't like feeling "stuck").


Edit: I'm an RN btw

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Apparently this isn't the place to come and get answers or help.

I will be deleting my account.




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Hey!! I hope you haven’t deactivated your account! I just came across this thread! 


this is fantastic rates for HH! 

I worked for 7 years and my oasis admissions were 90.00! You basically get paid for what you do!! 

what are are you in and what company? 


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I agree with Amber these rates are definitely above the norm where I live in Houston. All sign on bonuses typically have a contract for a specified length of time for the bonus to be paid out, or else people would take advantage of the bonus. I very rarely do home health care visits, but mostly Ig infusions and other biologics for autoimmune disorders that pay an hourly rate and they’re long 3-6 hours each, but I really like it. So much less stressful than the hospital and less Covid exposure. Some pharmacies offer mileage but most don’t? You will build up your patients fairly quickly and also have the ability to set your appointments with an amount of flexibility that working in the hospital or clinic doesn’t give you and I really love that. Good luck!?  I’m also an RN. 

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What are lg infusions?  


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I’m wondering the same! I just accepted a position in home health and have the option for PPV or salary, but my PPV rates are not anywhere as high as yours. LOL 



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I'm thinking Ig = immunoglobulin G??? But don't just take my word for it.