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Hi everyone,

Joy of joys, I have been asked to do the department rotas for the first time, as its my month. We have staff on different contracts, working variously long days, nights, earlies, lates, etc. and we need to ensure certain levels of staff on every shift of each grade. I've tried doing it on paper, but it just isn't working.

Does anyone know of any decent software that can either produce the rotas if I explain the rules, or help me to create the rotas. We used to have an Excel spreadsheet to do it, but it crashes the computer when we open it now.

Any ideas - preferably free ones as the department is already way over budget on Information Services - would be gratefully received. Please reply here or e-mail me here.

Many many many thanks in advance! :chuckle



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By your saying ROTA I assume you are in the UK?

a pay site

We used an Excel Spreadsheet. 12 hour shifts. 3days on 2 days off, 2 days on 3 days off......

For the "holes" in the schedule, either agency or part timers.

The schedule remained very much the same....q 4 weeks...that was two pay periods.

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