Odds of getting into a nursing program?

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Hi folks,

I'm hoping to get some feedback on myself as a nursing applicant. I applied to 7 schools, a mixture of MSN-E and ABSN programs, including CSULA, CSUSM, Western University, Concordia University Irvine, Mount Saint Mary's University, UCI, CSUF, and San Diego State. Oh, and one out-of-state, George Washington University. 

Here are my stats:

Undergraduate GPA: 3.23

Last 90 Quarter Units GPA: 3.55

Pre-requisite GPA: ~3.65

TEAS: 92.7%

It's incredibly competitive in California, but if there are other schools y'all think I might be eligible and competitive for, please let me know. I understand that my stats aren't spectacular, but I meet the minimum requirements. Anyways, I've been stressed about my chances of getting into a school, so I want to diversify my application pool as much as possible. 

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If that's your real name, you should change that. Remove your photo, too, if that's you.