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I am currently studying and preparing to take my OCN certification exam after working on an oncology unit the past year. I am just wondering if anyone here knows, as I cannot find any information anywhere else, regarding what source the question writers use for various cancer screening recommendations (what populations get tested and how and how often ect). I am using Core Curriculum for Oncology Nursing 5th edition to study and in the Screening and Early Detection chapter they have tables with this info, but from 3 different sources for each and they're all pretty different guidelines. I just want to make sure I'm studying the right ones that I should know for the test and not try to memorize all three as that is time consuming and maddening :woot: Any input from OCN nurses would be great! Any other tips on passing the OCN exam are also welcome. Thank you!


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Hi Courtney! So this doesn't fully answer your question, but if I may...don't worry about it. IF you get a question about screening, it will be 1-2 out of tons of questions. OCN is tough just like NCLEX is...you're sitting scratching your head about two different answers you can't decide between. Don't spend a ton of time memorizing things...you'll need to apply critical thinking and best nursing judgment to answer the questions well. Reading Core Curriculum is a great thing to do, so kudos on that. Have you been doing the Core Curriculum test questions, as well? That will help. But do prepare yourself to sit down for that test and feel like you know NOTHING as you go through it. The questions are tricky, but just keep the faith. I passed on the first try. You'll do great!

Yes, I got the Core Curriculum question book as well! I tend to over think the little things when it comes to test taking so your response did ease my mind. Thank you for your input!


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Make sure to go over chemotherapy/biotherapy. I had a ton of questions related to drug classes, cancers specific drugs are used for, toxicities, etc.

My biggest recommendation is to study by taking lots of practice tests. This helped me feel comfortable in the actual test setting.

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Hi all, also studying for this exam. Are there select all the apply questions on it?


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Hi All! I'm also planning on taking the OCN exam. I am just now looking into what study materials to purchase. I will get OCN Core Curriculum 5th edition, but judging from reviews, I may go with the older study guide. What else has been helpful? Also, would love to know how long everyone studied before taking the exam. I am a horrible test taker and was a hot mess before the NCLEX. Any helpful advice would be so appreciated! Thanks!