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This is also posted in the NP section, I hope that isn't a faux pas. I've almost two years experience in Occupational Health Nursing. I'll sit for the COHN-S by November. I Have a BS/Chem; a... Read More

  1. by   katkonk
    I have not read every single one of the replies since you posted this. However, I have worked in Occ. Health off and on since 1996, and have been certified since 1998 or 99 (forgot when I took the test). I think that you may be making this more difficult for yourself than it has to be. You say you will have a COHN-S soon. That takes care of any future employer's concern about whether you know the finer points of occ. health nursing. Get an Adult NP certification through any good school, and target your clinical rounds toward occ. health. Get ortho, ortho, and more ortho. Get clinical rounds with a PM&R doctor, so that you learn the rehab end of things, or how to prescribe exercises to keep back issues/tendonitis, etc. from becoming worse and (hopefully) keep your patients from having surgery. (Optimistic, I know, but if you can handle CTS and epicondylitis, bad backs, etc. for an employer and keep the employees from having to go down more invasive routes, then everyone wins.) Emergency care is important, but probably more important is pre-hospital care. Being able to stabilize and immobilize someone will serve you well, because you are going to be sending all trauma out the door with EMS ASAP. Learn travel medicine, if you want to go the corporate route, and work for global corps that send travelers all over the world. I currently am working in both travel medicine (I am an RN, not an NP), and report to NP's that do the physical exams for the traveling employees. As a COHN-S, I am assuming you already know the audiometric and spirometry part of our job. Do rotations at a major corporation that has MD's at it's location and can really show you the finer points of occ med. All of the NP's I work with have basic NP degrees (some FNP, some Adult NP), and none have an NP degree specifically in occ. med.

    Good luck!