how to practice as a occupational nurse in canada?

  1. hello!
    back in college i dont have any interest in occupational nursing - but currently im employed as a company nurse and i love what i do now. i want to pursue this career at the same time i plan to apply as an immigrant in canada? HELP!! i want to know the steps how will i become OHN in canada.
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  3. by   Sue Salisbury
    Hi Mauler,

    I don't have any experience with this type of nursing career in Canada, but there is an organization in Canada, Canadian Occupational Health Nurses Association, Inc. They have a good website you may want to take a look at: Canadian Occupational Health Nurses Association - Improving the health and safety of workers by speaking with a national Canadian voice.. This link shows you how to prepare for the OHN certification testing in Canada. Occupational Health Nursing Certification | CNA – AIIC.

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    Sue Salisbury, Maui
  4. by   loriangel14
    You will have to apply for a nursing license in the province that you want to work in.You will have to meet their requirements (you will need a BSN)and pass the CRNE. Then you will have to apply for a work visa or immigration.Once you get your via and license you can as an occupational nurse. A friend of mine works as one in a large factory and she has no extra certifications.
  5. by   mauler
    thanks a lot [emoji56]