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  1. Hi there,

    I am a relatively new grad (June, '06) who is currently working in OB/Gyn. I've been pretty unhappy w/ bedside nursing and have been looking for a change since i started. I noticed a posting for an Occ. Health position at the hospital i work at and applied.

    I got an interview! I am worried that due to having no seniority and only one of the qualifications (I have a BScN -- this was the min. requirement), i won't really have a chance ... and there are a lot of things that i don't have (occ. health certificate, experience (!!), knowledge/experience w/ insurance ...) too. I'm very very worried.

    The interview is tomorrow over the phone (i'm out of town). I need to know what kind of questions they might ask ...? I'm expecting the usual about general nursing and strengths and weaknesses and stuff, but i'm worried they will ask me something specific about occ. health and i won't know.



    - HollieRN
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  3. by   augigi
    Hey there. How about focusing on what you CAN bring to the role, rather than what you can't? I am sure they would not be interviewing you if they already decided you were not qualified for the role. We all need to get a foot in the door to a new area somehow!

    If I were you, I'd focus on why I want the position, and what I could contribute - ie. not that I wanted to get out of "bedside nursing"! What skills, personality etc would help you succeed in this role? If you get the role, what if any futher education do you hope to gain in the subject? etc

    Good luck - and google "telephone interview". I had one last week, and there were some great tips on ways to make yourself sound better on the phone (eg. stand up while talking, as most people sound more confident standing; have note cards with your common interview answers on there like strengths/weakness that you can refer to during the conversation).