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  1. I am currently working as a Workers' Compensation TCM from home and need a change. Within the next year, I would like to get a job as a OHN at an outside facility (manufacturing, corporate, or clinic...not sure which). I recently got my CCM and COHN-S certifications and am wondering if it's worth it to get the COHN-S/CM. Is it better to have COHN-S/CM or to have the COHN-S with the CCM? ABOHN charges a lot for to add on the CM certification ($125 application fee, $150 examination fee, and $150 for the certificate; total = $425). I'm not sure if it is worth the cost. I know looking at OHN job ads that most want someone with the COHN or COHN-S certification but I haven't seen any specify the COHN-S/CM. Any thoughts/opinions/experience that you'd like to share?
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  3. by   lynnr_98
    Oh come on! Someone out there must have their COHN-S/CM and know if it helped them or not! Is it just a waste of money to add on the CM part?
  4. by   JerseyLilly

    I am COHN-S certified, but not CC yet. I have also pondered this question! For the advertisments I see here in New Jersey and the tri-state area, I see jobs for CCM's. I personally feel that CMSA case managers certifications holds more "clout". The CC from ABOHN is a specific case management certification for those focused on workers and worker populations. There are many types of case management geared to what type of environment you are in and what you want to do with the certification. Check out Case Management Society of America's (CMSA) to get an overview. If you are strictly in an occ health setting and working in a manufacturing or corporate setting perhaps ABOHN's certification is for you--or maybe not!

    Hope this helps!

  5. by   katkonk
    I don't know what you decided about your original question, but in your case, I would say NO, do not spend the money on an extra set of letters. You have case management experience and already have one certification. That is all you need with the COHN-S. I have the COHN-S, and although I did 4 years of strictly case management, I never tested for the CCM, etc. because everyone I knew that had it was always madly taking classes to get the needed number of CE hours to keep the CCM, whether the info was applicable to what they did or not. That is ridiculous, why should you have to "just get the hours" in order to keep up with the requirements, even if the info. is not helpful to your job? It has not held me back in the occ. health field, and with your credentials, you should be set.
  6. by   JerseyLilly
    I think that the certification in case management is helpful to a person's career. For ABOHN'S CM, it takes 10 CEU's every 5 years which is not bad at all. If you consistently take CEU's through out the 5 year period and not wait to the end to take everything at once, it is not difficult especially since one can now earn CEU's online. I believe we should always be on top of our specialty and know the latest trends in our field of nursing. I think the 2 questions that are important to ask are what type of case management are you doing and will certification open up opportunities that will advance your career.
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    I PM you regarding your case manager certification. Thanks.
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  8. by   Marcia Bowman
    I wish I had an answer but I am just trying to pass the COHN-S exam. do you recommend taking a course or just reading the book?. Did you take a course and if so, which one?
  9. by   JerseyLilly
    Hi All,

    I am selling my COHN-S certification test prep CD by Certistep. Please private e-mail me for more info. I am accepting payment thru PayPal only. Asking $150 postage paid (orginal price $349). Please private email for photo upload.
  10. by   mickylynn969
    I HIGHLY recommend a course! I took one about 12-13 years ago and never regretted it!
  11. by   mickylynn969
    The biggest differences between the CCM and the /CM from ABOHN is this...the ABOHN certification is ONLY for occupational health/WC...CCM covers EVERYTHING. If you are only going to be doing WC CM, I'd go for the extra certification. If you are looking to work for a generalized CM company (GENEX, Corvel, Coventry, etc.), they typically want the CCM and not the /CM. I hope this helps.