Any Occ Health Nurse from Idaho?

  1. I currently live in Boise and am interested in learning more about occupational health nursing. I think it is something I may want to pursue for a career and am trying to figure out how to learn more about it. I have been trying to search for current Occ Health nurses around here that I might be able to shadow, but no luck so far. I have also tried searching for a state association for occ. health nursing, but it doesn't look like we have one of those either.

    So, are there any occ. health nurses on here from Idaho that can give me any tips? Or can anyone else point me in the right direction to learn more about this field? Thanks!
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  3. by   JerseyLilly
    Hi, I am not from Idaho, but I can suggest that you check out the national association for occ health nurses and see if you have a regional chapter that meets. Not all states have an occ health chapter but get together on a regional basis.
  4. by   deb1ohn
    Ooops, have done this several times myself. The American Association of Occupational Health Nurses website is

    If you put .com, it takes you to some strange search engine

    There are chapters in almost every state, and you can search on the website for the chapter closest to you. You can also pull up information on the site about standards of practice, what occupational health nursing is about, and get an idea about some of the knowledge needed by looking at the continuing education offered.

    AAOHN also has a very good student membership rate, if you are a student.

    I have been an occupational health nurse for over 10 years, and I can tell you that it is a very rewarding, challenging field. I find that it has the best of all worlds.... I can be an emergency nurse, a nurse educator, a wellness coach, a psych nurse, a primary care nurse, and even an OB nurse (only once, and that was enough for a lifetime!). I can also be a business leader, a safety advocate, and a HR specialist. All in one position! The only drawback: you are on your own! Most EMS systems don't arrive for at least 5-10 minutes once the call is made. If you are independent and skilled, occupational health nursing is for you. If you think that it just is "putting on bandaids".... then you need to look further!
  5. by   katkonk
    I have seen a couple of occ health jobs posted in Idaho lately. Good luck!