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I will be graduating my BScN program in 2006 and am thinking of Occupational Health Nursing after a few years working in the hospital. I have found the necessary courses offered through various schools, but I am having a difficult time trying to find the wages occupational health nurses make within Ontario. I have searched through the OHN forum within allnurses.com, but there is only one thread pertaining to my question and it has minimal responses. From what I gathered from U.S OHN's is that the pay is lower than hosptial, ranging from $18-23/hour U.S in a factory, is this true? Any canadian figures would be great.

I am interested in working in Southern Ontario, around the Kitchener/Waterloo/London areas.

Any information would be greatly appreciated.



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The answer will vary with whether you are included in the bargaining unit or not. If it is an included position, you can find the wage scales on the website of the Ontario Nurses Association Look in their collective agreement.

If it is an excluded position you will make about the same as a top level RN or slightly higher.


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A top level RN in Ontario maxes out at $38/hr (from what I've read). So it's around that range?


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Anyone else?

Sarah, RNBScN

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I am working in Ontario and make top grid $33.75 per hour. I am part time.

I pay $65.00 for ONA dues/fee.

Evening premium is: $1.10

Night premium is: 1.35

Weekend premium is: 1.45

I have been nursing since 1993.

As for OHN, it depends on the mining/industry that you work for. In Northern Ontario, the OHN are range $25.00 - 28.00. They are usually non unionized positions. I can't speak for automotive or other plants. I am only familiar with the mining and metallurgical areas. These nurses work 12 hr. shifts and rotated schedule. 24/7

Hope this helps.

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