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OCCC or OSU-OKC Updated!


Hi everyone! There's an old thread about OSU-OKC nursing vs OCCC nursing, but it's from 2011. I know things change, so I'm wondering what everyone thinks currently?! What are the pros and cons of each school? Reputations?

Hi Kelli, just came across this thread, so I thought I'd chime in. I'm an adjunct clinical instructor at OCCC and I can tell you it's a fabulous program. Our NCLEX pass rate is 96%. All of the students seem very happy. It's a well organized program and the largest nursing school in the state (I think we have 400ish students currently enrolled?). We have a HUGE lab and we have several deferent program routes which is why we are so large (CLP, BADNAP, traditional RN). I feel the instructors are helpful and I don't often see a student fail a class. It does happen, but if they're in trouble with grades, the professors devote a lot of time trying to help them pass the course. :)

On the flip side, I actually attended OSU-OKC for nursing school. :) and everything I said above pretty much applied there too. I had a fantastic experience. I felt adequately prepared for boards and I passed on the first try. I think their tests were VERY similar NCLEX questions. I graduated in 2011. All that being said, I had a friend who just completed the program and she felt it was a little unorganized. They recently had a turn over in staff and their NCLEX pass rate dropped (you can look up pass rates for each OK nursing school online). I have ANOTHER friend who teaches there and she said it's getting better. My husband is actually applying to Osu-OKC's nursing program because you get extra points for completing your science courses with them (which he did).

Overall, they both have great reputations, so I don't think you can go wrong either way. :)

Hope this helps!