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man 2 weeks in, and ive had enough already! maybe i had to much time off between finishing my prereqs and now. whatever it is, i need a good kick in the ass. feel free to kick away.


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I feel bad for you guys, that would be tough! but remember its only a year of hell and when you are done you will be an RN!!! keep going :-D Im in the traditional and I'm already sick of studying haha, but I cannot imagine being in your position. Good luck to you!


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so how long have you been in the program? did it get easier or harder as time went on?


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I JUST started. I am in pharmacology. So I cant say, but people I have talked to are saying that it gets a lot harder.. Especially MED SURG.. I hear its like boot camp for nurses


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Hey there! I am finishing up my first year of nursing school at OCC and I am in my Med/Surg rotation. Yes, I think Med/Surg has been the hardest class so far. BUT, the clinical part of it is just like acute care that you have in 141 but you have meds added to the mix. I can honestly say that it hasn't been too bad. Every class is time consuming but it's worth it in the end. If you can survive acute care clinicals in 141, you can survive med/surg. Don't believe all the stories you hear about ANY rotation. I have enjoyed all of them so far! If anyone has any questions or needs help, message me! I'd be glad to! Keep up the good work! You can do it!:nurse:

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