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I will be graduating soon with my BSN from Alaska. I am wanting to move back to Oregon and start working as a new nurse there. My two questions are:

1. Do I take the NCLEX here in Ak, or do I take it in OR?

2. I have a DUI on my record from 2007 (21st b-day celebration) :(...Is that going to effect getting licensed in OR?

Thank you!

It is easy, but there is quite a bit of paperwork. Oregon State Board of Nursing RN/LPN Licensure Information has all the info including the application. It costs $247 not including transcript fees, fingerprinting fee, and the fee for Alaska to report your license status to Oregon. You take the NCLEX in your home state and have your original license from there. Then you get it endorsed by Oregon.

Just call the OSBN and they will answer any questions. The gal I spoke with was very nice. I recently mailed the whole packet and check and am just waiting for my endorsement. BTW, it is all electronic. You will not be receiving a paper license.

My classmates that went out of state usually opted to sign-up and take the examination in the state due to usually not having the extra money and/or not wanting licensure in both states. I am obviously unfamiliar with how AK works, and where you plan to stay in the meantime while waiting to take the exam and get a job. But if you have a place to stay, or money saved for a place, then I'd say relocate and take the exam in Oregon and save yourself the headache, time, and money.

If you know that you are going to return to Oregon and not work in Alaska after graduation then it makes no sense to write your initial licensure in Alaska.

The NCLEX RN is a standardized examination used by all 50 states for initial RN licensure. There are not 50 separate examinations, nor are there 50 separate passing scores. The difference is in the educational requirements that each Board of Nursing has established. An example of this education requirement is the Texas Jurisprudence examination required for licensure.

After completion of your nursing program you can apply for licensure in any state, regardless of which state you took your nursing education. After receiving your authorization to test you can then sit the actual examination at any authorized testing center in which the NCLEX RN is presented.

In your case, after having attended nursing school in Alaska you can then apply for initial licensure in Oregon. After the Oregon Board of Nursing reviews your transcripts and determines that you have met all educational requirements then you will be issued an authorization to test. You can then test at any Pearson Vue center that offers the NCLEX RN examination.

As to the DUI, this is an issue that you will have to address with the Oregon Board of Nursing.

I hope this information was helpful, and good luck in your future career.

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