Obtaining license with misdemeanor/domestic violence


I've been scouring these boards for months so I felt that sharing my story might help others going through what I have.

16 years ago I was in an abusive relationship. The day came that I found out he was cheating I lost my s**t and attacked him with a car key which left me with an "inflicting corporal injury to spouse" charge which I was arrested for as a felony but was dropped down to a misdemeanor. It was one of the toughest things I went through in my life, I was super bitter for a while because All the times the cops were called on him for domestic disputes, I always covered for him, even when the DA would haggle me to press charges, I would lie for him. I learned my lesson. I grew from it and after being involved in another abusive relationship (he refused to let me go to nursing school) I realized mine and my boys self worth.

Fast forward to 3 years ago, went through vocational nursing school on honor roll, barely submitted my application June 2017 (had some unexpected deaths in the family) with 3 letters of recommendation, and court documents stating that my case was closed and a letter of explanation and here is the rest of my timeline:

July 14th- Received letter stating my application was received but followed with a checklist of things I still needed: *certified police records, and if not available I still needed a certified letter stating they were not available. In my case they weren't because it had been so long

October 11th- I RECVD MY ATT!!! (I didn't submit the rest of my paper work until late sept because of having a bipolar mother who fell into a diabetic coma in Mexico HER HbA1c WAS 18!!! so this actually only took the board about two weeks)

* So I scheduled my NCLEX PN for November 21st. I graduated Dec 2015. TWO YEARS. Hadn't reviewed AT ALL, but I work in the medical field so I hadn't lost it all.. Went to the library and got a Kaplan NCLEX PN book and bought a couple apps to practice when I was at work. I crammed as much as I could but tried not to lose sleep over it. Every time I felt that I was overloading my brain too much I would step away from it for a day. Took a little vacation the weekend before the test and just went over some lab values the day before. I feel the Kaplan book helped with understanding strategies more than the apps.

November 21st - test day. Stopped at 105. Stressed. My biggest fear was SATA and seriously half my test was SATA. Did PVT trick a few hours later and got the good pop up.

JANUARY 2nd- Recvd letter stating that I passed my test but unfortunately my application requires further review because of past conviction. Was given analyst name and email but says do not email until 4 weeks after receipt of the letter which would put me at Feb 2nd.

FEBRUARY 1st - GOT THE LETTER SAYING MY LICENSURE HAS BEEN APPROVED!!! It said because my conviction Looked to be an isolated incident that occurred over 16 years ago.

Now it says to wait for a separate letter from the licensing department. I checked on Breeze and my drop down was updated to initial license application, which lets me go on to pay for my license but I'm thinking I should just wait for the letter

I cant tell you how much of a relief it is to know that I'm not in debt for 20k FOR NOTHING but I'm excited to start my journey as an LVN, and I hope to start a bridge program soon..I hope that others out there can read my story and feel a little bit of relief if they're going through something similar, Don't give up! There were so many times were I felt like giving up which is why I think I low key took a long time to submit my paperwork but I kept telling myself "You know what, this is who I am. I've made mistakes and I've learned from them. I'm not ashamed of my past. It has made me who I am today!" and I relayed this attitude on my explanation letter to the board. So don't give up! It is possible! I'll be sure to continue my story when I go through it all over again with the BRN! :)

*Btw I'm in California

Has 1 years experience.

Thank you for sharing! I've had a similar experience. I was defending myself to my then by yet I was the one arrested and charged. My record for DV was reduced to a misdemeanor- disorderly consider then dismissed. It was an unfortunate isolated icident that has held above my head for 10 years. I was a pre-med student when it happened and completely switched my major because I thought no school would let me in or I wouldn't be able to get my license or be able to work. I'm so happy and relieved to read your story. I have been reading many forums and I couldn't find one similar to my situation. I'm waiting to see if I will be accepted in the nursing program. I am still nervous about the background check and whether or not my dismissed record will be a problem. I'm so nervous about everything but I really want this! I've wanted to work in the medical field since I was a little girl.

CONGRATULATIONS!!! You did it! I don't know you but I am very proud of you!