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OBgyn nurses???

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Hello, I am a senior in high school and I am would like to become an OBgyn. I was wondering if anyone would like to answer a few of my questions. I am also writing a research paper and need so answers. Does anybody have any good research sites that I could use? Thank you very much


Hello and welcome to allnurses.com. I moved your post to the OB/GYN forum for more exposure and answers by OB nurses. I have been one for 8 years and love it.

If you wish to be an OB nurse, see your guidance counselor about a program of study for nursing near you. You will want to find what colleges/universities offer nursing degrees and start applying for entry to those schools. You will need to get "pre-requisite" coursework done first, so when you do choose a school, be sure you declare your major w/your college/career counselor and begin work on those courses. Some examples of "basic coursework" would be:

English 101/102, Speech, College Algebra, Biology 101, Chemistry 101, Microbiology, Humanities/foreign language, American History, US Government, Anatomy/Physiology, Psychology, Developmental Psychology, among others. Make sure any classes you do take are classes as prescribed by the nursing department as those that meet their requirements, e.g. all sciences MUST have a lab......(usually sciences FOR science majors) etc.

Start there and then when you are close to finished w/the pre-requisite work, begin applying for nursing school. It will be critical for you to find out the best time to do this. Do not be surprised if you have to wait for some time to get in----there are waiting lists for most programs. That is why I recommended you get most, if not all, of the pre-requisite work done FIRST.

In nursing school, you will spend around 2-3 years doing clinical rotations among the various areas, such as medical-surgical units, pediatrics, psych, home health, OR, ER and other areas of nursing, as well as OB. It's then you will get a taste of some of the various areas and decide what is really for you.....

After you finish nursing school, you will be ready to take the National Board Exam (NCLEX) and once that is done, you will be licensed to practice nursing. THEN you will be able to pursue a career in OB nursing.

Here is a site that you can use to find a school of nursing near you:


GOOD LUCK---- hope this helps.

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