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Now that Obamacare has passed the SCOTUS, how will it affect employment, especially for nurses?

To be honest I don't know. But I HOPE that it will be better for the medical institution. The other day we had a pregnant woman standing outside the ER waiting to go into labor. She had minimal pre-natal care and knew that she could not be turned away and would have to be admitted. (She didn't have insurance.) It's why hospitals charge 9 bucks for a single tylenol when you can go down the street to the local Walgreens and buy the entire bottle for the same price as the single pill. In my opinion, if the hospitals are getting reimbursed, they should be able to keep their staff, and hopefully keep costs down. I hope the tax collected from the un-insured is to go back into the medical community. So in answer to your question - I don't know but it seems it would be a good thing for nurses, doctors, and other medical personnell.

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It may not be a great thing for the "profit margin" of some physicians, but in general, having actually read the whole of Obama Care (funny how so many who are dead set against this have not actually sat down and read it) it should not change much for Nursing. After having met so many very hard working people who delayed care due to a lack of insurance or underinsurance who now deal with an Advanced Cancer Diagnosis in the Emergency Department, I have high hopes for this.

I think we have to remember that back in the day, people were angry and up in arms about Social Security, saying it was socialism....and now people get angry and up in arms, if discontinuing Social Security is suggested.

Fact is most other developed countries have some form of Government Sponsored Health Care.

There was a fascinating documentary done on all of the complaints and threats about "socialied" medicine a few years back...It compared the lives of physicians in multiple countries and the lives of patients...I wish I remembered the name of it.

I got this article from the ANA subscription,

Snap Analysis: The long arm of the U.S. healthcare ruling | Reuters

"For healthcare providers, the affirmation represents millions of potential new patients, either through private plans or the government's Medicaid program for the poor."


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