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OB/Peds care plan

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I need help!! im doing a care plan for maternity and need 3 nursing diagnosis for the baby. problem is my prof doesnt want us to use risk for infection, or thermoregulation, etc. the baby is healthy baby girl. so im at a loss as to what i can actually use. the mother is postivie for gbs so i was going to use that as risk for infection, until i was told i couldnt. the babys labs werent back on whether she is also positive for gbs. if anyone could help id appreciate it!



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When you get stuck like this, ít always helps to go back and really look at your assessment data. Tell us a little more. Think about mom too, not just the baby.

What's the baby's weight? How many weeks? How old is mom? First baby? C-section or vaginal? How is she doing with baby care and feeding? Does mom have any medical problems? Did she have any other complications during pregnancy or delivery?

thnx. ive looked at this care plan and assessment for so long my brain was spazzing out. the baby is 3 days old. wt 5lb 14 oz. the mother is 40, so i kno thats considered advanced maternal age. the baby was delivered by c/s -the reason is because the mother has had 2 previous c/s. like i said before the mother tested positive for group b strep, but the babys blood work wasnt updated while i was there to indicate whether the baby had it as well. the babys bilirubin is 7.6. no medical problems or hx for the mother or father. no complications during the delivery or pregnancy. the mother is breast feeding and is becoming frustrated with the baby not latching on properly (im going to use knowledge deficit for one of the mothers nursing dx for this). but i need 3 dx for the baby. i wanted to use a dx for her high bilirubin, and i kno there should b one for risk of infection because the mother has gbs but im not allowed to use risk for infection. its making me frustrated cuz it is an actual risk.its not like im using it as a "filler" for my care plan.

thnx again