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I am only 16 but Really interested in the nursing field. Espically the obstrectrical department. I was wondering if someone could give me some information on weather they enjoy what they are doing in their department and weather they would recomend it to someone elce. I think this is what I want to go into later on in life but I am not for sure. If this is what I decide to do I was wonder if anyone could suggest any classes that I could take in my last years of high school that would really help me in this department. Also I was wondering what the salery was. Thanks :D


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Laura16, I am very glad you are considering nursing. Right now you must be a H.S. sophomore, right? I would bone up on your sciences. (Biology, Anatomy, Physiology, Chemistry, Health) It's good to prepare yourself because Nursing school is hard! Look for a good BSN University program and see what their entrance requirements are.

Now, you need to know that nursing is going through some rough times right now. Lots of activism, unionizing, people leaving nursing, etc. But, don't let this discourage you. Sometimes this is necessary in order for growth to occur in a our profession. Society seems to suddenly value us in our absence. By the time you graduate I am hoping that pay and working conditions will have improved. You will definitely have no trouble finding a job anywhere you want! Lots of opportunities out there for nurses, in many different areas. Many hospitals offering huge sign-on bonuses. I was an Ob nurse for many years and loved it! It was very rewarding. Might I also suggest that you do some volunteer work at your local hospital. This would be a great way to see nurses in action and find out if it is for you. You sound like a very smart, articulate young woman. Hope all these random thoughts of mine help? Best Wishes!


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Ob Nursing is a great career. Very rewarding, but plenty of hard work too! I would suggest talking to HR about volunteering as a Candy Striper or even ask if they have a program set up where you could help out in the nursery. We used to have folks, (mostly seniors) come in just to rock the babies. Also get a good year of Med/Surg under yor belt first. I didn't do that and it was harder to learn the basic stuff years after I graduated. Good Luck!!


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I just graduated from high school myself but i can tell you what classes helped me and should help you. If your school offers Anatomy and Physiology i would really recommend that because you have to take it on the college level later and it helps to have the background information. Also if you can take any AP (or Advanced Placement) classes those are good also. I took AP Biology and it gave me a good background for the classes you will need in College. I hope that help. =)

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