OB nurse ?'s


Alright nurses, I need to interview and ask some questions to an OB registered nurse with 2 years of experience in this specialty. I would appreciate your help!

• What was your preparation to work in this specialty?

• What do you like most about working in this specialty?

• what is most frustrating/ challenging about working with new families?

• What is an ethical dilemma that you have encountered in the OB specialty?

• What are the continuing education requirements in this specialty?

• What types of changes in OB practice have you seen?

• What opportunities for professional advancement are available?

• Where do you want to be working in 5 years?

Thank you!

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Assignments such as this are really designed to guide you to an in-person interview with a nurse. Truly, you have no idea online if a responder is what he/she says they are.

Call your local hospital and ask to speak to a nurse in your assigned field.