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  1. by   sehbear
    Hey Everyone....
    Yes I have delivered at the hospital I work at and am devestated that I will not get a chance to do it again as they are closing that unit.
    My doctor I worked with when she was starting out, as was the anaesthetist.
    I got a double room to myself, and got to spend extra days.
    The big problem I would say was the visitors, as I had everyone from cleaners to D.O.N coming to visit. The midwives were fantastic and fended off all visitors at rest time - they were like little piranhas those mid wives were!!!!
    In our hospital network if you are staff you automatically get a senior doctor so that is also a bonus!
    You midwives out there are all great, keep up the good work!
  2. by   TammyWilson808
    Oh God, YES! I believe we give excellent care to our patients, the hospital is beautiful and I work with the best group of women and men (Mds and RNs alike). We have 5 LDRPs and if anyone of us or any employee of the hospital was having a baby, we would pamper them to no end!
  3. by   Ms.Hobbes
    I had both my children at the hospital I used to work at, for the most part it was wonderful. I had the same nurses, who were also friends of mine, each time I delivered. I agree with sehbear, the amount of visitors you get when you work at the hospital can be overwhelming when you are in labor. With my second we were able to keep it to the minimum with only the few close friends allowed to visit, which I am sure may have hurt someones feelings but when you are in labor sometimes less is more. They all just came to see the baby the next day. With my first labor I did worry a little bit about my privacy ( more about what I might expose ) but when it came right down to it both my deliveries were even more special because everyone caring for me were more than just my nurse
  4. by   altomga
    I had all three of my children at the hospital I work at. Was only a NURSE with the last one though (3yrs ago). I didn't think about it really. I don't work L/D so the nurses didn't know me. What I didn't like though is that it was given in report to one another that I was a nurse..even to my sons nurse. I didn't bother the staff.....but then again they did not bother me....(ie) do you need anything, having any pain (I had surgery to have my tubes tied 12hrs after a vag delivery..I was hurting) etc...
    It might have been my third child, but it was the first one I had breast fed!! I could've used some help with that aspect
    All in all though, I had a wonderful experience and would've had more kids here, but my baby machine is turned off permanently
  5. by   Anagray
    I had 2 of my pregnancies end at the hospital I work in now, but I wasn't working there at the time.
    My first experience in L&D was pretty good - I was having a miscarriage and everyone was very nice to me.
    When I delivered my son, it was another story. I was 23, looked 18 and scared. The L&D nurse flew into my room to put the line in and threattened me that if I moved, she would have to try it again, then proceded to put an IV line into my wrist area ( ouch!), even though i have good veins. then, right after I came out of the OR after a C-sec, drugged up and in pain, i was expected to scooch myself from the stretcher on to the bed and when i got to the recovery I was also suppose to record my intake of liquids ( we are talking 1-2 hours after surgery). There were another things that were equally thrilling, like my rommate, who's loud and abnoxious family never left the room and came 6-7 people at a time, but these are just examples. I never comlained about anything, but I was so eager to leave I almost signed myself out a day later.

    i'm having my next baby at the same place this summer, but noone knows me on L&D or mother/baby, because my hospital is so large. i am just hoping it will be a better experience this time