Work repayment programs

  1. I am going to be starting a one-year accelerated BSN program at Johns Hopkins in June. As I'm sure many of you can imagine, the tuition is enough the break anyone in half. I'm sort of strange becuase I already have an MPH and ultimatly I would love to do L&D, mother/baby, OBGYN, or pediatrics with a community focus among underserved populations.

    I have been looking into scholarships and work repayment programs (i.e. where you agree to work at the hospital for the amount of time they paid your tuition, they also pay you a starting salary during the time you work there).

    I'm a little nervous about doing this since I'm not sure what opportunities may come up while in school. While I need all the tuition assistance I can get, I am not sure if committing to a certain job may be the best thing for me. Does anyone have any experience, advice etc. about this?
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  3. by   USA987
    I accepted $15000 "tuition forgiveness" in exchange for a 3 yr. contract. It was a miserable place filled with unhappy staff. After 8 months, I resigned, asking where I needed to mail repayment to (I was smart and put the $$$$ in the bank).

    I love where I am currently working and they have a RN-to-BSN program that I am interested in. It costs approx. 18,000. If you agree to work for them for 3 yrs. upon completion of the program, they will pay 100% of your tuition. I am a bit apprehensive about committing again, especially since this time I won't have the "money in the bank".

    It may work for you, but really examine anything you sign and find out exactly what would happen if you needed to get out of your contract. Good luck!
  4. by   WhatToDo
    Thanks USA! Luckily I wuld only have to work somewhere for a year since that is how long my BSN program will take. No way would I commit to any longer than 1.5 years, but I can handle anything for a year I think.

    I'm just not sure if I want to work as a staff nurse when I graduate, I'm thinking about the peace corps or a more community health focus job. The peace corps forgives 15% of your college loans for each year you serve.

    I think I will still apply for these work repayment programs and make a decision if anything is offered to me, but I'll be sure to read everything before I sign anything.
  5. by   TLR03
    They only forgive 15% of your perkins loans, NOT all your federal stafford loans. Take it from me, loans from my MPH piled up with interest while I served in Nepal for 2 years! The government did not help me pay any of them back.