Which L&D spot is the best for a beginner?

  1. I'm trying to get a job in L&D. My background is 4 yrs Med-Surg and 1-1/2 yrs of Critical care, where I'm working now. My own hospital has said they only hire experienced OB nurses because they get a lot of high risk pts. and that it's very hard to meet their standards. They said that many nurses are unable to handle their L&D orientation, even with ICU background. It's a large teaching hospital in a well off area of NY Metro area. However, they said they'll "think about" whether or not they will grant me an interview. I have already interviewed at 2 other hospitals. One a small community hosp where I would also work nursery and postpartum. Most of their pts. are normal, low risk. They've told me my ICU background may come in handy and they'll get back to me in a couple of weeks. I interviewed today at the local county hosp, a fairly large place. They are also a high risk unit, but told me that with my background I'd probably do just fine there. They train new nurses all the time there, so lack of OB experience would not be a problem for them. The pay is lower, benefits are unbeatable and it's the closest to my house, 5-10 mins. They'll also get back to me in a couple of weeks. Coworkers tell me I'm nuts to want to leave the renowned institution that I work at now, but my gut tells me the county hosp is where I'd be the happiest. Am I making a mistake? Would the small community hospital be a better place to start? There, the job would be more varied, which appeals to me too and maybe it's a less stressful place. Any further thoughts out there on this subject?
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  3. by   Iris in the morning
    What a shame your present facility does not see the potential in you. L&D, especially a high risk one should be ready, willing and able to help you with your transition. But, their loss is someone elses gain.
    Your background in med-surg, and ICU gives you an edge when dealing with complications in pregnancy. The woman is pregnant, and when she's ill, it's still a medical problem.
    You will never lose by trying something new in nursing.
    Best of luck, and may God bless you no matter which way you go.
  4. by   MercyAngels
    Go with your gut!!! Too often hospitals aren't willing to keep experienced, qualified nurses around...which is the equivalent of shooting themselves in the foot!! If the county hospital has good benefits, is close to your home, and is willing to work with you, then I would have to say "go for it"!! I wish you the best of luck!!!! As someone who has worked L&D for a while now, I can tell you that your med/surg and ICU experience is a major plus!!! Good luck!!!