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We all know that working in this field can be exciting, touching, heart warming as well as heart wrenching. We know that strange and exciting things happen everyday. But every now and then something... Read More

  1. by   OB_or_NICU_hopeful
    Quote from fusster
    ...........Needless to say her husband went in for a vasectomy after the last one.
    I would imagine!! How scary to have a complication all three times.
  2. by   BSNtobe2009
    To those of you that work L&D, I have a question.

    Like alot of pre-nursing students, I'm addicted to all of the health shows (the real ones, not the fictional dramas).

    Now, I know that they don't necessarily show everything on these shows, and some of it is dramatized, but I see way too many cases on there where women who have high-risk pregnancies for a menu list of reasons, and the narrator is always saying, "..if labor doesn't progress quickly, the mother and the baby (insert horror story here)" or something to that effect.

    My question, is why are these women not given a C-section if their progressing their labors are that risky?

    I don't know if I was dropped on my head as a child or what, but all I remember telling my doctors was whatever you have to do to make sure my baby survives, do it, I didn't care about a surgery, a scar, pain, anything.