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Hi, I was wondering about some of those weird names that you've probably encountered in L&D and PP. I remember when I had my maternity rotation a couple of weeks ago, one of the nurses said she... Read More

  1. by   JAHJF
    Quote from neversatisfied
    A friend knows a guy who named his precious newborn- drum roll please-

    Assh 'ole. Pronounced "Asholey." Pretty darned funny if you ask me.
    Parents can be so cruel and kids are worse (what was he thinking?)
  2. by   JAHJF
    I know a cardiologist from Romania who upon immigrating thought that his last name was to difficult to pronounce so he changed his last name to Martin = Dr Martin Martin

    Took care of a Lovie one time (female) and a Bliss (male).
  3. by   JustaMaleRN
    Lets see...We had Yeashure and his sister Donnit, last name Figgures. The capper to all...a very cute girl by the name of Shithead. Prounounced ShI-THeeAd.

    You know these kids will wreak their revenge on their parents for this...and then probably carry it over to their kids too.
  4. by   sddlnscp
    Quote from chickdude1
    I knew of a similar one. His name was Richard Weed and went by Dick. In that case, I think he was asking for it (don't you?).

    Exactly - just like Mr. Sniff. Crazy people! I mean, if their parents did it to them, then at least it isn't their fault - but when they deliberately do it to themselves, that's a whole other story!
  5. by   mwaldon
    My sons ex g/f was named holly wood!
  6. by   jayne109
    we have a doctor whose name is Thomas Thomas. I think he is from india or south america.
  7. by   PrisonrNurs
    LOL I have a friend I work with...lovable and sweet, but also kina goofy. She has two sons. The oldest is named Jhett and the youngest is named Gryffin. These are the most unusual names I've heard.
  8. by   MTK
    years ago before breast feeding made it's big comeback, sometimes an androgenic drug called deladumone in the dr to suppress lactation. the doc would usually just give the orders for the dose out loud to the circulating nurse. you guessed it. there's at least one woman out there in small town america with the first name deladumone because her mother said she "heard this beautiful name in a dream".

    Quote from rnlabornurse4u
    i decided, since the 2nd "strange baby names" thread was getting so long, let's start another.


    twins from last night - gypsy and cinnamon. (what a great start to their porn/stripper careers)

    orion - (baby boy) - ok, this one did have a romantic, constellation engagement story behind it, so it's not so bad, but still a strange, out-there name.

    orzio - another baby boy - poor kid

    and, drumroll please..................... :hatparty:

    happy birthday to the winner of the year:

    queen messiah jesus christ

    oh yes, that was the baby's full, legal name for the birth certificate. oh how wonderful.

    give me a few more births to attend at work, and i'm sure to have more to add. i have definitely noticed a trend towards the unusual/unique names lately. some of them sound and look just like random letters thrown together, that i can't even recall them once i get home.

    the poor, poor kids........

    l&d rn
  9. by   ladylove
    I actually knew a guy named Tom Thomas. My mother saw a kid on the school rolls named Easter Bunny. I heard of a guy in our maternity who named his new child Menu....because she came from me and You. Too much thinking on that one!!!
  10. by   gauge14iv

    Diamond Champagne

    yup....fer real
  11. by   NurseTab
    I met a little girl named Bacardi the other day. Yes...spelled just like the Rum.

  12. by   lisawindow
    Xochiquetzal (Aztec goddess of the earth)
    Anita Penn (I need a pen)
  13. by   emjay
    How about Condom?

    My Aunt told me that in the Philippines, a lot of parents would combine parents or grandparents names together. The mother's name is Consuela, thus "Con" and the father's name is Domingo "dom".