What is a SAM pack? - page 2

hi, today was my first day of my OB rotation. We have a flow chart for labor and pp that shows what the priority actions are for each stage.For Delivery-recovery period under patient teaching it says... Read More

  1. by   TRINI_RN
    Since I've been on the OB floor I've gotten to see exactly what are in the SAM packs. Basically its just peri-wash and spray, pads (and those sexy panties that go with them) and ice packs. We don't have any meds in the ones on my unit, the nurse is still responsible for all pain meds. I'm having a great time by the way, all of the rooms are LDRP ( and a few C-section) so its basically all rooming in on the unit. I watched about 6 circumsitions and gave a NB a hep-B, also did NB and PP assessments!
  2. by   magz53
    JCAHO was at our facility recently and we got good reviews in regard to our pain documentation. The patients consistently write in their evaluations of their care that they love the SAM packets. Maternity patients are not ill, they are well women and for the most part intelligent. They like the autonomy and we think the wellness model as opposed to the medical model works well. Of course we assess their comfort levels/pain control and document.............trust me in at least 3 places !!!!! Studies were done on the unit to show how much time was spent answering the light, running to unlock Ibuprofen, administering it and then documenting it. Silly for an over the counter med, but everyone is entitled to their own opinon.