What can I do to increase my chances of being hired in Couplet Care as a new grad?

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    My name is Amber and I am new to Allnurses.com
    I am a Senior in High School and it is my passion and dream to become a nurse. I am currently taking a Medical Professions II class (I took Med Pro I as a Junior). Right after graduation, I will sit for the CNA exam, godwilling I will pass, and I will be a Certified Nursing Assistant! I am so excited. I am also a teen volunteer at the local hospital and I love it! I am doing my first 40 hours at the front desk and then I will be able to go to a specific department.

    Babies are my passion and it is my ambition to become an RN and work in Couplet Care. I am almost finished with my 40 hours at my volunteering position, but unfortunately I will not be able to go to Couplet Care until March (When I turn 18). But still, I am excited to be able to do that. I recently spoke to the managers there and they were telling me all about what they do, their highs and lows, etc...and also a dissappointing fact (not surprising though), that job opportunities (for new grads especially) are far and few in between.

    I was wondering what would be the best route to take in order to increase and better my chances at being hired in Couplet Care as a new grad. Of course, I am willing to pay my dues and get a job wherever I can and move up the latter to Couplet Care, but if there are some steps I can take to better my chances, I would greatly appreciate any info/advice

    Also, my other two questions were:

    1) Could I be hired as a CNA at a hospital in the OB Department? I have heard that in some cases, CNA's are hired in the OB department and are then trained to be Techs. Is this a possibility? (I understand that for the most part, CNA's are hired in Nursing Homes for the Elderly and Rehabilitation facilities)

    2) Can I be hired as a Nurse Tech with a CNA license? Or would I still have to have completed at least a year of Nursing School first?

    Any info/advice would be greatly appreciated. I am excited about climbing this latter to my dream career. I think being a nurse is an amazing thing and I am so proud of all the nurses out there. You guys are inspiring and I look up to you Can't wait to join you guys.
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  3. by   Amber307
    If anyone has any slightest bit of info, I would love to hear it, please. I'd greatly appreciate it.
  4. by   alovelymother
    Hello! I work in OB as a tech. At my hospital we have techs on couplet care and in labor. In AZ you wouldn't need to have any schooling to be a tech. Although having your CNA looks good on a resume. I have found that the best time to get one of these jobs is in August when students are going back to school and in May/June when nursing student who worked as techs are getting their licenses.

    I think it's great that you have a direction. I'm sure with some hard work and determination you will reach your goal.
  5. by   Amber307
    That's awesome I am going back home to CA for college...say I wanted to work part time. Would a hospital possibly hire me and a train me to b a tech even if I was only part time?

    By the way, thanks so much for replying. I appreciate it I am so excited.
  6. by   Nici_StudentRN
    Honestly it depends entirely on the hiring standards in your area. Each state has their own requirements and each health system their own as well. I will tell you the CNAs are often hired in hospitals as Unit Clerks if they've had additional training such as medical terminology and if you have great computer and communication skills. It also helps to have as much experience as possible and it sounds like you're getting some experience in the hospital setting by volunteering. L&D and PP are difficult to get into mostly because so many people want to work in them. Another avenue you could check into is being a CNA at a peds office. While hospitals tend to hire less CNA/MAs as new grads, medical office settings are hiring them more and more because they're able to pay them less and the things required of them in these offices are not highly skilled. The reason I mention a peds office is because of being around kids but honestly even an OB/GYN or Family Med office would work. I am in St. Louis but it is quite the norm for medical offices to hire CNAs as receptionists or to room patients, take their vitals, etc.
  7. by   babyktchr
    Love, love, love your enthusiasm. Keep that!!! Get your CNA and depending on where you are, you may be able to land a position in OB. Then LEARN!!! Watch, ask questions, get involved. It looks great to prospective employers. I love when I can hire a CNA/tech into a grad position.

    And if you lived over my way, I would hire you!!!!

    Good luck to you
  8. by   starry_midnight
    I'm a tech on a L&D/PP unit. I was able to be hired as a tech after my first semester of my BSN program. As for getting the job, patience & good references! I did clinicals on the same floor (prior to working there) and fell in love. My instructor said the best way to get a job on the floor was to be a tech....foot in the door sort of deal. Sounds like with your passion, dedication & enthusiasm you are well on your way! All the best to you!